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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Museum of History

Yesterday we took the boys to the Museum of History in Tacoma.  They had a special Train Event that Jake wanted to see with them.  It was really fun.  The guys enjoyed the trains and I enjoyed wandering around and looking at all the cool stuff.  The trains were pretty neat though.

They had a really nice section on Pioneer times with covered wagons and different pieces from the time period.  Life is much easier nowadays.  I have respect for those people.  Obviously there was no easier way to do things and as far as they knew then, that was the best way to do everything.  I can't imagine taking 6+ months to make it across the country with all your belongings, children, pets and food stored in a tiny wagon.  The wet, cold, mud, heat and sickness.  Traveling only about 10 miles a day! Then, if you actually make it to your destination alive and healthy, you have to build your own house, cut all your firewood, find your food and figure out how to survive in this new place with new dangers.  I honestly can't even imagine what that must have been like.

 Their oxen were probably more well cared for then the family because if that ox died, you were screwed! I mean, it's not like you can whip out your cell phone and call for road-side service to bring you another fresh ox.  You couldn't go anywhere without that ox.  At least not far and not safe.  And you'd have to leave your only means of shelter, food and safety behind. 

It's always nice to listen to how life used to be for our ancestors so you can truly appreciate all you have now.  If they hadn't done what they did, where do you think we'd be? I'm not sure we can ever really know that answer, but I'm thankful they did it.  I imagine 100 or so years from now, someone will look back on how we lived our lives in 2011 and say, "Wow, I don't know how they did it.  Life must have been so hard for them."  Makes me smile.  Because to me, this is the best way to live life.

Here's a few pictures of a wealthy family traveling in their private train car.  Each family had their own private sleeping rooms and lavatories.  They also had a nice dining car where servants and slaves fixed their meals.

A family traveling in the new train cars.  Only wealthy people were able to afforded this privilege.
Immigrants & poor were shoved into freight cars together w/no sleeping or dining cars.

Different times for sure. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you all a Peaceful Holiday

Here is a quilt I just finished a few weeks ago for a customer.  She is having a baby boy soon and I was so excited to work on this quilt for her.  For one, I am a little partial to little boys.  Even with dirt on their hands, rocks, bugs and other treasures in their pockets.  I just love them! Oh, and their sticky little kisses! I love their kisses and hugs the best.  And the giggles and belly laughs.  Okay... I love everything about little boys I guess.  Back to the quilt!

The nursery is going to be done in a vintage fishing theme.  Her husband collects vintage fishing rods, reels, etc so she wanted something that would fit with a vintage/woodsy feel.  I think the fabrics she chose are wonderful and the quilt is so beautiful (handsome?).  I was really kicking myself for not getting some better pictures of it before I shipped it out, but I was so excited to get this in the mail to her. 

I hope they treasure this quilt.  I had so much fun making it for her and her little boy.

Does anyone else find quilting/sewing to be relaxing? I find if I make time to sew something (anything!) each day, I'm much calmer and more focused on what's happening in my life.  I have more patience with my family, eat better and smile more.  I feel fulfilled I guess is what it is.  Taking time for yourself is important. 

I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy their creating this season.  It can get so busy and hectic that we often lose sight of the reason we are making these things.  Take a few moments to focus on the people you hold dearest and closest to your heart and remember why you pick up your needle and thread.  If you can't find a single nice thought about someone, maybe you better put down the needle and thread until you can (or just find someone else to make it for).  You can always give them a gift card!

 We are in full-fledged holiday spirit in this house currently.  They boys ask daily (hourly, minutely even) if it's time for Santa to come.  They are excited about the toys, the guests who will come over and celebrate with us, the decorations, the music and the magic of it all. 

It is really a magical and wonderful time of the year.  I hope in the midst of all the buying, baking, making and doing you find some time to sit down with a cup of warm cocoa and a few cookies and just enjoy the peaceful season and time with loved ones. 

Wishing you all a holiday filled with light, love and peace!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Preparation

We have been super busy around here lately.  I don't even think we've had one day since Jake got home on Dec. 7th that we haven't had something to do.   Jake and the boys picked out a Christmas tree a few weeks ago and I was just so busy I forgot to blog about it.  So, here it is! Our family Christmas tree.  It's my most favorite tree ever.

 We made pipe cleaner candy canes with the kids one nite and then put them all over the tree.  The yellow plastic chain link garland is one of my favorites though.
And here's a close-up of my tree skirt and the train.  The tree skirt was made for me by my mother-in-law last year.  One day I mentioned to her that I needed a tree skirt.  A few nites later me and the hubs went out on a date.  I came home to this skirt under the tree. 

I love it! It matches the table runners and decor I have for the rest of my Christmas festivities.  Like this runner which is also for sale in my etsy shop

I also finished this adorable snack mat a few days ago.  I am totally in love with snowmen and this fabric by Riley Blake just makes me smile.  The red and green border and binding fabrics are from another designer.  I'm unfortunately not sure who made them as they were in a Christmas scrap bag I purchased eons ago.  

I'm calling it Snow Buddies.  And it's all mine.  The boys have been asking if they can use it and play with it and put their cocoa on it.  My answer is, "Nope.  This is all mommy's."  I suppose I should be a nice mommy and make them something super cool too.  I think I could handle that.

What have you been up to lately? I'd say it's a really busy time of year for us, but really, all year is busy for us.  The summer is full of picnics, barbeque's, days at the beach, swimming and staying outside until the last possible moment.  And lots of gardening and canning.  Spring is busy with planting of garden and flowers.  Preparing for warmer weather when rain coats aren't necessary.  Fall is busy as well with canning and preserving of the last of the gardens bounty and preparing yard and home for colder weather.  It's also a busy time for us as we get ready for Harvest and Thanksgiving. 

Is the Winter season busier than usual for you all? Or is it just a different kind of busy like it is for us?

I just finished sending out all the boxes of goodies for family Christmas gifts.  I'd love to tell you what we included this year but some of the people who are receiving boxes read this blog, so it'll have to be a surprise for awhile yet.  However you spend this Christmas season, I wish you peace and lots of cookies.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Scrap Bundles & Free Shipping!

 These Christmas scrap fabric bundles are now available in the shop.  The ones listed are for about 7 oz's of fabric.  At $1 per ounce, these are a steal! 

If you'd like a different amount just send me a convo through etsy.  I make these up as they are ordered, so I can easily adjust the amount of fabric included.  I have Kids Christmas bundles, Java coffee fabric bundles, Girlie Girl fabric, and many, many more that will be listed throughout the day.  If you don't see what you're looking for send me a convo and I'll get a listing set up for you.

Also... don't forget to use FREESHIP at checkout to receive free shipping on your order (within US).  International orders will receive a 10% discount on their orders.  This deal is only going on through Dec. 15th and fabric is going fast!

Aren't these fabrics so cute? I love all the bright colors and Christmas-y fabrics.  I'm making the boys Christmas patchwork quilts this year.  I'll blog about those later this week.  They are so cute!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New in the shop

Well it's been a busy week here recovering from Thanksgiving and the cold bug.  I've managed to get a few finished items listed in the shop

This table runner is a favorite of mine right now.  I just love how the dark earthy colors contrast so nicely with the cream.  It's for sale in my etsy shop here.

I also got this listed today.  I can see it sitting on a kitchen table, snow falling outside.  You can see more of it here.

Please stop by and take a look.  I have many more table runners available for sale, both Christmas and everyday.  I'm currently offering free shipping on all orders through Dec. 15th.  A great way to stock up on holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.  Wouldn't a handmade table runner make a wonderful and unique hostess gift for your next holiday party?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Me and the kids spent the day (still a little sick) with both sets of their grandparents.  Jake was unfortunately still out of state working.  They all came over for dinner and we all ate too much.  The boys were wired from all the excitement the entire day (and into the nite).  The next day we got up early to go Black Friday shopping with my mother-in-law and this is the conversation heard from the boys in the backseat:

O (3):  “Mom, I saw someone throw their tied up shoes over the big lines of power!”

Mom:  “Yes, I don’t know why people do that.”

A (5):  “It’s so they can dry them!”

Mom:  “Well, How do they get them down when they’re dry?”

A:  “They bounce on a big spring and then a pogo stick and get them down.”  

O:   “Aiden, that’s a good idea.  You’re very smart!”

A:   "I know.  Thank you."

It was very hard not to laugh at this conversation.  Everything was said with no hesitation and so matter-of-factly.  As if it's perfectly normal to see a man on a pogo stick getting down his shoes. 

I wonder sometimes what happens to our imaginations as we get older.  Kids are so wonderful! They are full of creativity and imagination.  Anything is possible for them.  They believe dragons are real and fairies and gnomes live in the garden.  And if you wish hard enough, you can make anything happen.  They believe everyone has some good in them somewhere and people bounce around on pogo sticks.  And you know what?  I hope someday I'm lucky enough to see a man on a pogo stick getting his dry shoes off the power lines, while a dragon flies overhead and shimmering little fairies laugh from the grass below.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Works in the Shop

First off, I'd like to start by saying I'm a bad blogger.  I've been gone from this blog for awhile now, and I apologize.  Now, on to business!

I have been really busy these last two weeks.  Finishing up quilt projects, taking care of sick boys and now (trying to) take care of myself and rest... Yes, I caught the bug from the boys.  I knew I would.  I always do.  No matter how early I start drinking my wellness tea and taking elderberry.  No matter.  This time I did not let it beat me.  I rested.  I'm still a bit under the weather but am not bed-ridden and have managed to get a lot of quilting done actually.  See, after we finished with the painting and the floors, I talked my hubby into moving my sewing room into the living room.  I still have all my fabric stashed in the sewing room (it's really the office now but the boys still call it my sewing room) and my quilting books and patterns are nicely filed on a bookcase in there as well.  My sewing table, machine and iron have relocated to the living room though.  It works great!  I have managed to get so much more done being right in the middle of everything.  I'm there to keep an eye on the kids and jump up and play.  They can also sit next to me and watch me make quilts - which they love - without knocking over things in my small sewing room.

So this is the new sewing space.  The weaving on the wall, by the way, was made by Jake's grandmother, Banu.

And on the other side is the rest of the living room.  Sorry, it's a bit messy right now.  Everyone being sick and all.

So here's what I finished a few days ago.  This is for sale in my etsy shop currently.  I had so much fun working with this fabric.  It's Whimsy from Moda.  The colors are so inviting and peaceful.  I just wanted to curl up in it while I was making it.  It finishes to about 35"x 44.5" which is a great baby size quilt I think.  Perfect for snuggling up in, playing on and using in a crib.  It's also a nice size for a toddler to snuggle under and drag around the house and yard with them. 

And this awesome table runner is for sale in my shop also.  I really love this one.  The fabric used was Fruitcake by Basic Grey.  I love this Christmas line! For one, it has snowmen, which I love, but it also has a very modern feel to it. 
The back is a bunch of presents all stacked up and piled on each other.  I decided to straight line quilt this in a diagonal pattern.  I also quilted a few lines going the opposite way to give it some interest. 

I'll post more tomorrow after I get some more stuff listed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Mindful

As you all know, it has been a rather busy few weeks for us here.  Jake got home just before Halloween and those few days were spent preparing for our Halloween party and sleep-over for the boys.  The next day the carpet came out, wood floors went in, 4 children ran around the house in, out and around this chaos and there was coffee... lots of coffee.

Now that the wood floors are finished, the painting is (mostly) finished and the children are back down to just 2, there was a moment today when I sat in my newly arranged office and just... sat.  It was wonderful.  The boys went with their Dad to the "blue store" (aka Lowe's) and on a coffee run and I had caught up on most everything.  I just sat and took in this wonderful new living space we've created.  It was not easy.  It was hard work and very busy and chaotic and loud and at times stressful and tense.  But you know what? Even though all the rhythm and flow of our normal, boring, routine days were thrown for a loop, the boys were so wonderful. They hung in there like the great kids they are, and Jake and I didn't really even bicker too much at all.  Not even when we were tired (exhausted), low on sleep (and coffee) and just plain sick of working and doing.  We made it through, all of us, and now we have this beautiful house that is, although not quite finished, truly a home for us all.

I love our family... and our new home.

I hope all is well and peaceful with you and your families. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

New wood floors and Halloween

So I realize I've been off blog-land for awhile now.  I have a good reason, I promise.  We've been preparing for Halloween and for our Halloween Kids Party (which was Saturday).  The boys had two of their friends stay the nite after the party so that was a long (and fun!) nite.  The kids all had a blast playing games and watching Halloween movies and eating candy.  Surprisingly they did not eat much candy or sweets at all that nite.  The next morning I got up early and made everyone scrambled eggs and my famous (at least in this household they are) Pumpkin Pancakes.  The kids washed it all down with eggnog.  I stuck with good ol' coffee. 

That very morning Jake decided to get a jump-start on the wood floors.  Yes, I did say wood floors! After being in our rental for a few years the landlord (aka: my father-in-law) finally said we could put wood floors in! Jake is spending pretty much all of his two weeks home from work putting in the floors and helping me move furniture, clothes, huge Rubbermaid bins full of books and so much fabric he was about sick!

We, (by "we" I mean Jake and his dad) are working on the floors today while me and his mom make coffee and food runs and I entertain the children.  The little guys have been surprisingly good through all the chaos and noise and have been a great help to me.  "Let's move all this stuff over here", "Can you carry this", etc.  I've also made a surprising amount of goodwill drop-off's too.  Is it just me or can you cram an amazing amount of stuff into a small room too? I had a few "That's where that is!" and "Oh wow! I've been looking for this since we moved in here 2 years ago!" moments.

So, the living room/entry and hallway wood floors are finished and they just have the bedrooms and my sewing room left now.  I'm so excited! The floors are beautiful and clean and shiny and perfect and wood and, well... NOT CARPET!!! We are carpet-haters in this house. 

The kids favorite part: They can wear socks and slide up and down the hallway. 

My favorite part: I just found a cheap new broom and mop.

I will hopefully post pics over the next few days of the new floors.  I was going to post them today but surprise! my camera USB cord is in a bin somewhere.  So... unless I manage to get a few good pics from my iphone, the floor pics will unfortunately have to wait.

How are you all doing? Crafting and creating? I have to say I miss my sewing machine.  She's back from the cleaners and tucked away in a corner until we get the house put back together.  I will post some pics as soon as she is unpacked and back in her proper place. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Child Labor & Dentists

So I'm mowing the lawn a few days ago and my oldest boy, age 5, asks if he can try mowing.  I said sure, figured it would be a quick try, but nope, turns out he loves to mow the lawn.  And you know what? I'm not complaining a bit!

He did such a great job! And I got to sit in the lawn chair, read a book, and sip water.  It was a wonderful treat.  Even better was his attitude about it.  He was so pleased to be helping me.  

He ran over at one point to where I was sitting and hugged me.  "I'm sure working up a thirst!" he says.  I gave him some water.  Just before he runs off to continue mowing he looks back and says, "Hey Mom? Am I doing a good job? Or even a great one?" I of course told him he was doing the most awesome job ever!  He smiled and said, "Oh good.  Then you can sit down and relax today while I work cause you always do everything for me and Odin and Daddy."

Seriously?!? How can you not love this little guy to pieces! I definately felt my eyes well up at that conversation.  What a sweet boy he is.  He really does have such a kind and sensitive heart.  He is so delighted to know he's helped you in even the smallest way.  And he's all mine!

And here's his little cheerleader.  He was so cute.  "Aiden you're doing good work! Good job Aiden, you got all the grasses!"

And speaking of this little guy, here's some pics of his first Dental visit.  He was so excited to go see Dr. Andy like Big Brother.  

Isn't he just so stinkin' cute?

His hygienist, Starla, putting on his "rain coat". 

Don't you just want to pick him up and squeeze him? I love him to death!

He had a couple cavities "sugar bugs" to fix.  The whole office was in love with him and he did such a great job! He was a great little helper.  Walking around the office smiling and chatting everyone up. 

How has everyone else's week been? I've managed to get a little bit of sewing and quilting done this week.  Hoping to post some pics of the Wonky Log Cabin blocks later today.  I have finished quite a few.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day for being Thankful

Here's a sampling of things I am thankful for today. 

A child's chalk drawing.  So sweet and innocent.  I just love the little belly button.

The smells of yet more apple butter simmering away on the stove and waiting to be canned.

A finished batch of pumpkin bread batter.  Oh yum! We had a hard time getting it into the loaf pans and baking it.  The batter was so yummy!

My sweet little kitty snuggled into the blankets purring away.

 The boys Halloween placemats finished! I love how much they love them.  :)

They have been using these at every meal now and love them.  They sit in their chairs while I'm fixing their plates and look at all the different animals and pictures.  They each picked out their own backing fabric and I pulled together a selection of Halloween fabrics I had on hand for the fronts.  Working on finishing up me and Daddy's placemats hopefully this evening after two little boys are in bed. 

My first few Wonky Log Cabin blocks finished! I am crazy about these blocks! I collected all of my scrap fabric and some other pieces that I had purchased from an etsy seller and some my MIL had given me.  I am really, really loving how these blocks are coming together.  What do you guys think? It's a secret right now as to what they will all become, but hopefully I'll be able to show you all in the next few months.  I'll keep giving some sneak-peeks as I finish more of these.

What are you thankful for right now? In this moment.  Today.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Huge Shop Sale & Destash!

Just to let everyone know what I've been up to the last few days.  I am having a sale in the shop starting today and have been busy getting ready. I've got fabric yardage reduced and pre-cuts and even a few quilts and kitchen decor on sale.  Stop by and take a look before it's all gone.  Sale starts today and I will be listing new items daily in the Sale/Destash section of the shop.  Be sure to read the rest of this post for Blog Only shop deals.

* Almost all the holiday themed fabric is discounted by several $$ per yard.
* Pre-cuts are on sale.  Both seasonal ones and some of the newer fabric lines also.
* Patterns on sale. 
* Some quilts & mug rugs on sale.
* I will also be listing more Scrap bundles of fabric for sale over the next week.


*Make a purchase of $25 or more and receive a free pattern.  Make a purchase of $50 or more and receive either a quilt book or 3 patterns free.

To be eligible for a free pattern and/or quilt book you must:

1). Be a follower of my blog (leave me a note in message to seller).
2). Leave a note in message to seller at checkout with the name of the pattern you would like free.
3). Choose any pattern in the shop, regardless of whether it's on sale or not.
4). Get a friend to become a blog follower and receive an additional pattern for you as well as one for your friend.  (Your friend will need to leave a comment on this blog post or send an email through the shop in order to qualify).

Use this coupon code at checkout to save an additional 15% off the sale prices: QWSALE15. 
(Please note: This coupon code will apply to anything in your shopping cart, regardless of whether it's on sale or regular price).

This sale will be going for an undetermined amount of time.  I am trying to reduce my stock of fabric yardage and make way for new items.  Please take advantage of these great deals while they last! This would be an awesome way to stock up on fabric for Holiday projects or just to increase your stash at a great price!

I hope to *see* you all in the shop!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New in the Shop

So I've been a busy little bee the last few days.  I finished the binding on this cutie this morning.  I love all the bright colors and fun prints in it.  I did a meandering loop quilting design on it with crayon brights thread.  I'm not sure that's the real name of the thread but it's King Tut.  I thought it fit perfectly with all the other bright colors in this quilt.  It would be perfect for a little boy but is also gender neutral.  It was a fun quilt to piece together and I'm so glad to have it finished! 

And here's a view with the backing fabric in it as well as (as promised in yesterdays post) the binding.  I love the backing fabric on this.  It reminds me of the early 90's muscle pants that boys were so fond of wearing.  My brother wore muscle pants all the time so there's a bit of nostalgia to this quilt for me.  :)

Does anyone else remember muscle pants? How about scrunchies and side ponytails? Lol! I hope I'm not dating myself too much. 

This super fun quilt is also for sale now in my shop

 I also finished this table topper this morning.  I LOVE this topper! The fabrics are out of print now and hard to find so I'm glad I had enough of the fabric lying around to finish this runner. 

 Isn't it great? You can purchase this in my shop now also.  

Okay... a few more pics just cause I love it so much!

Isn't the backing fabric great? I was so glad I still had a few yards of that left.  I love the spooky trees.  I have several more Halloween runners and mug rugs to finish binding but I ran out of solid black fabric.  Booo! (uhhh, no pun intended there.  Seriously! I did that completely unintentionally).

Maybe I'll post some pics later of the unbound runner and mug rugs... just cause I can't wait to share them!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Accomplished Day = Bindings Finished!

Well, I have managed to host my weekly sewing afternoon again successfully.  Normally my mom, mom-in-law and -now that she's finally moved to WA state- my best friend, sew once a week at my place while the boys wreak their usual havoc or torment Grampa and the dogs.  We have gotten off track with our weekly sewing ritual.  I think it was due in large part to the summer.  So much to do during the summer! Now that fall has arrived, and I'm just as busy as ever, I decided "What the hell?" and started up our weekly sewing ritual again. 

I have to say I feel very accomplished today, considering I had limited amounts of caffeine today (ie: dangerously low volumes) and little sleep last nite.  Add in 2 very energetic boys with TONS to say today (seriously... tons) and I am riding on this euphoric feeling of having accomplished so much more than I ever thought I would today.

I made 2 loaves of Pumpkin Bread (one plain and one with chocolate chips for the boys), chased the boys, watched and listened to an absolutely amazing thunder and lightning storm, and got binding picked out and mostly cut and sewn for many different projects.  The latter is the most rewarding part of my day.  Not even sipping my Almond Coffee Frappe and putting my feet up with nothing to do for a blissful 10 minutes beat that! Came pretty darn close though. 

So... tonite will be all about catching up on Sanctuary Season 3 via Netflix (I adore Netflix) and sewing on some bindings!  It's about darn time I finished up some of these projects.  It has been a ridiculously long amount of time some of them have been sitting around quilted, trimmed and waiting for binding. 

May I just ask: Does anyone else just HATE binding things? It is my absolute least favorite part of quilting.  Really I don't know why.  Binding is so peaceful and calming and requires no deep thinking or mathematics... Binding should be my absolute favorite part of making a quilt.  I guess binding is like your best friends cousin that visits every summer.  You really don't like her, even though she's nice and sweet and let's you pick out everything and never complains - not even once, but you have to play with her.  Yeah, bindings kinda like that. 

(throat clears).  So anyway... How is everyone else? I hope this has been a week of accomplishment for you all as well.  I will post pics of my quilts...and bindings... over the next few days as I complete them.  And I promise to play nice and let BFF's cousin play with us for awhile.  Maybe I'll even let her pick a game tonite.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retro Halloween table runner

Without further ado, I give you the Retro Halloween table runner! This is one of my all-time favorite table runners! The pattern was so easy to follow, the fabrics make me giddy and it was done in one afternoon.

completely. done.

This guy was made with the intention of selling it in my etsy shop but once I finished it there was no way I could part with it.  I have to say, it looks pretty darn good on my table.  :)

I absolutely love the fabrics in it! I wish I could remember 100%, but I'm pretty sure the fabrics are from RJR fabrics.  I found the charm pack early last year (or the year before) and just had to have it.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any other fabrics to go with it that I really loved or a pattern that spoke to me, so it sat in my shelves full of fabric and eventually was forgotten.  I found a pattern on the Moda Bakeshop website and instantly loved it! It's called City Windows and was so easy to piece together.  The thing I loved most about it was that I didn't need a backing fabric! All I had to do was piece the front together and then use the leftover charm squares to piece into a back. 

Here's what I loved about this pattern.

1. it's free!!! you seriously can't beat that
2. it was so easy i pieced it, quilted it and bound it in one afternoon
3. i got to use my whole charm pack and had a ridiculously small amount of fabric leftover.
4. i have made many of these runners with different fabrics and i still love making them
5. it's reversible! how cool is that?!?

Okay, so tell me everybody, do you love this fabric as much as I do? I have seriously been waiting for about 2 months to put this out on the table. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing it! I sure couldn't wait to show it to you!

Morning Randomness

Just a picture to make you smile.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Decorating

Yes, we are already decorating for Halloween around here.  It's Jake's favorite holiday and he will be leaving for work tomorrow and won't get back home until 4 days before Halloween.  So... we decided to decorate a little bit beforehand and let him get in on some of the fun.

I took a few pics with my new camera (Yay! It finally came!).  You'll have to excuse the photos as they are not top quality.  I have not yet figured out all the little buttons on my camera and have been playing around with it today.

Here's our Spooky Halloween Tree.  We all sat around the kitchen table this afternoon and colored the decorations.  Guess who got to color the whole tree-front and back? You guessed it-me!  That was tons of fun, by the way.  My fingers were cramping when I finished it.

We had a great time though.  It was a perfect project for our rainy day and easily involved all ages.  I picked this up with the boys at JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks ago.  It cost only a few bucks for the tree, stand and the decorations.  I even got it on sale.  Score! I love me a good sale.

Stay tuned for more photos as we complete craft projects and decorating.  Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the Retro Halloween table runner I made.  I love, love, love this table runner!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Binding your Quilts

So, since I don't have my camera yet and can't take any pictures for you, I'll just tell you what I've been up to.  I managed to get at least a dozen or so table runners quilted on my mom-in-laws long-arm machine.  With all the distractions from energetic little boys, fixing dinner and TV shows (we don't have cable at my house, so this is where I get to catch up on daytime drama) that took a solid afternoon.  I am currently in the process of making bindings for all of these now. 

I did get one Christmas table runner completely finished and that went immediately into the wash.  I have to say, my absolute favorite thing to do once I finish a quilt (or anything quilt-y) is to first squeal with excitement that I actually managed to finish something and then race to the laundry room with it.  I just adore the snuggly warm feeling of a freshly laundered quilt.  They look and feel so much nicer.  And who can resist all the scrunchy, puckery goodness once it comes out of the drier? Not me!

I also finished quilting a belated Birthday present for one of my sister-in-laws.  I am hoping to get the binding on that tomorrow afternoon while the little boys nap.  It would be nice to have it in the mail to her before Christmas.  ;)

Anyway, after taking a much needed break from all the binding-making and doing this afternoon, I stumbled upon this Perfect Binding post from Julie Herman at Jaybird Quilts. 

She has a great blog and this Binding tutorial was so stinkin' helpful this afternoon! I had been trying to remember how I used to do my binding so it didn't show any seams, and this tutorial was it!  You really should check it out for yourself.  She has very easy to follow tut's.  There is also a tut on binding w/flange.  I want to try that out someday.  Has anyone else ever done a flange binding?

Well... Until I get a camera (which is hopefully only a few days from now) I don't have anything else for ya.

Hope everyone has had a great week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Camera

Okay... So I've needed a new camera for a little while now since  I have completely lost both my charger and extra battery for mine.  Right before my brother's wedding too.  How great is that!

Anyway, I know you're probably saying, "Can't you just go buy another charger?" Well of course I can but where would that leave me I ask you? Without a new camera, that's where! And what kind of place is that to leave myself when I can have this nice new camera (with the hubby's blessing too)!

 The hubs has been wanting one of these for awhile now and I have been saying, "Let's just wait.  We're trying to save money and we don't need new cameras right now.  Let's wait." 

Well... then my cameras essential parts disappeared and my guy really wanted one and he honestly never asks for much for himself so I thought, why not! ... and I bought one for my brothers wedding present.  You should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him that! It was priceless! Totally priceless! I'm still giggling over that one.  Well, don't worry.  I'm not completely heart-less.  I bought one for my hubby too.  It's a surprise anniversary present.  He still thinks we can't get them yet.  Our 6 year anniversary was Sept. 3rd but he's been away working for awhile now and is due back tomorrow night (yippee!).  I thought it would be a nice present for him.  Of course I ordered one for myself too.  My camera is the one not working after all!  I figure we can all eat a lot of Top Ramen for awhile.  Here's hoping you're worth it Samsung!