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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Forgotten Spring

I guess in the flurry of planting seeds, preparing soil and playing in the sunny weather I forgot to journal about most of our spring and summer (summer post coming soon).

 A picture of the peas in their first few weeks.  They went strong for about a month or so and are tapering off now, due to the very hot days we've been having around here I think. 

And my gorgeous zucchini flowering and producing these wonderfully tender and flavorful veggies for our table.  First year I've grown zucchini and I have to tell you, I'm smitten.  Completely smitten.  I love them so!

And my tulips! I planted tulips for the first time this year and they all bloomed.  Unfortunately I enjoyed them so much I forgot to take any pictures of them, save for this poor lonely fellow who hung on by himself for a good long haul.  I do love tulips.

And this little boy.  Oh my... He has completely stolen my heart.  He's such a happy and sweet little guy.  Doted on completely by the entire family.  He is growing too fast for this mama.  Walking and "talking" all day long.  I love his sweet little baby babble and his pudgy little feet carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) plodding all over the house.

I did manage to do some sewing recently.  This cool stack is destined to become 4.5" squares for a king size bed quilt.  When we get the house built we plan to have a king sized bed in our master bedroom.  It seems to be a favorite place for everyone to congregate in the early morning or late evening for stories, snuggles and the occasional tickle fight.  I'm still working out exactly which pattern I want to use for the quilt but I know I'll need 4.5" squares so cutting on these lovely fabrics has begun.  

More later!

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