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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shop Sale

Just a quick reminder that I am still running my sale in the shop.  Everything is now 40% off with coupon code OHBABY.  This includes handmade items as well as fabrics.  $25 minimum purchase for code to apply.

Please stop by and check out the shop.  I will be adding some new items - mostly some yardage and scrap bundles - over the next few days.  There may be a few more handmade items popping in too.  Depends on how much energy and free time I have!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Drawstring Bags

I managed to get these both finished yesterday for the boys.  I plan on putting a few goodies and gadgets in them to keep them both busy while they're visiting their new little brother in the hospital soon.  Hopefully very soon.

This one is for my youngest.  He loves blue and brighter colors so I thought this dino print with the bright green polka dot lining would be perfect.

And this one is for my oldest.  He really likes red and orange but I couldn't find a print that had red background with dinos on it anywhere in my stash so I settled for this one that had red/orange dinos on it and then found a large enough scrap for the lining in a brick red with dino fossils all over it.

Instead of making a cord or buying ribbon or drawstring, I decided to use what I had to finish these up quickly and inexpensively.  I found some twine from my Moda precuts.  I always keep these when I open a precut up and I knew one day they would come in handy.

I'm sure the boys are going to love them!  I actually had a lot of fun making them and am already itching to make some more.  I was thinking of making some for myself to hold smaller items and making a few up for birthday gift bags.  I love the idea of using a handmade, reusable bag for a gift.  It's like getting an extra gift.  No waste and a cute little bag to keep for yourself or reuse again.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Sweater for Baby

Just a quick post this morning to show off the sweater I just finished for the new little guy.  It's a 6-12 month sweater so it should fit him well for the cold, rainy fall/winter season here.  This was the first time I've used this pattern and really enjoyed it.  I'll have to update later with the pattern info as I can't seem to find it right now, but it is available on ravelry and I believe was a free pattern.

Please forgive the poor quality of the photo.  It was a rainy and cloudy day so I couldn't get a nice outdoor picture of it today and I really wanted to show it off.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Curtains

Yesterday I managed to get these curtains finished and hung.  Quite a feat I think, since I'm currently at 36 weeks with this little boy and tired almost every second of the day.  The boys helped me get the clips on the rod and hang it up.  It was fun to do together and they just loved seeing the curtains once I got them clipped up.

Aren't the colors so vibrant? It makes me happy to look at them.  And this morning, when I walked out and saw the sun shining in through them, it just made me smile.  Funny what a little curtain can do to a mood. 

I just love them.  I used Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics from almost all of her collections, cut them into 6" squares and sewed them up into rows of 8 x 9 which seemed to work perfectly for my window.  There are two 8 x 9 panels here so the curtains open in the middle.  This is very important since I have a dog that will rip the curtains down if they aren't left open when we leave.  (He likes to see outside).

I chose not to line or hem these since once we get the new house built I'll have different sized windows.  This way, I can simply take these down when we move and make them into 2 little baby quilts or join them, add some more blocks and make a bed quilt for myself.  The latter option is very appealing!  And with the soft, lightweight voile fabrics and a crisp cotton backing, I think this would make a wonderful summer quilt on my bed.

Enjoy your day! I'm off to the doctors for a check-up and another ultrasound.  They want to see how big this little guy is getting.