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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Curtains

Yesterday I managed to get these curtains finished and hung.  Quite a feat I think, since I'm currently at 36 weeks with this little boy and tired almost every second of the day.  The boys helped me get the clips on the rod and hang it up.  It was fun to do together and they just loved seeing the curtains once I got them clipped up.

Aren't the colors so vibrant? It makes me happy to look at them.  And this morning, when I walked out and saw the sun shining in through them, it just made me smile.  Funny what a little curtain can do to a mood. 

I just love them.  I used Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics from almost all of her collections, cut them into 6" squares and sewed them up into rows of 8 x 9 which seemed to work perfectly for my window.  There are two 8 x 9 panels here so the curtains open in the middle.  This is very important since I have a dog that will rip the curtains down if they aren't left open when we leave.  (He likes to see outside).

I chose not to line or hem these since once we get the new house built I'll have different sized windows.  This way, I can simply take these down when we move and make them into 2 little baby quilts or join them, add some more blocks and make a bed quilt for myself.  The latter option is very appealing!  And with the soft, lightweight voile fabrics and a crisp cotton backing, I think this would make a wonderful summer quilt on my bed.

Enjoy your day! I'm off to the doctors for a check-up and another ultrasound.  They want to see how big this little guy is getting.

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Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

How beautiful! Yours turned out great too and I can hear that your response is like mine. It's such a joy to see them each day!