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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Project Finished

So, do you remember me talking about how I finished this hat for Odin awhile back? 

And how I was going to make a sweater for him with the same yarn? Well... I did. 

 I just finished it up late last week and am so proud of it! It's the first sweater I've ever knit before and I think it turned out really nicely.  Odin loves it.  He ran around with it on telling everyone, "Look at my newly made sweater!" And yes, he does have a black eye.  I just know someone is going to ask.  He had a bit of a run-in (literally) with a toy.  

Since I had so much fun knitting this sweater for him and since Aiden respectfully declined a sweater for himself (at least until his sweater from Christmas doesn't fit anymore) I decided to start knitting myself a sweater.  I found the most beautiful and soft purple yarn ever.  I'm loving knitting it.  It's just so soft to touch.

I've made it a long way in the last few days.  If I have enough free time in the evenings I'll hopefully finish it before Jake gets home in a few weeks.  That's my goal anyway.  I do have a lot of quilts and mug rugs to finish up and list in the shop too though, and that's Priority #1 for now.

I finished this quilt up almost 2 weeks ago now and have yet to list it.  

Don't you love how bright it is?

Back with extra blocks and strips pieced in.

This quilt is seriously gorgeous.  The fabric is  It's a Hoot by Momo.  It's still one of my favorite fabrics.  So bright and colorful and the different prints and designs are wonderful.  I need to try to find more of it before it's impossible to get.

I used my little flower bud design for the quilting again.  I love that design. 

I really wanted to finish Odin's sweater before I listed this and then I just had to start this sweater for myself.  I mean the yarn was so beautiful! Walking by it over and over again all day long for several days and my willpower to wait until I caught up on my WIP's caved.  So, even though I'm still working on this new sweater for myself, I have vowed I will get at least 5 things listed by April 5.  Big vow, but I think I can do it. 

Well, I'm off to knit my sweater... uhhh, finish a quilt I mean... no, knit.  Maybe if I just knit for a few hours or 8 I'll get it out of my system for a few days.  Maybe...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Month in Review

So it appears it's been awhile since I've logged on to my blog and shared anything with you.  Whoops! We've all been a bit busy lately and frankly, I think I just needed some down time.  But, I'm happy to report I'm recharged and freshly inspired and ready to share!

I've finished/started quite a few things in the past several weeks so this post may be a bit long with all the sharing.  If you don't really care about how I made everything and whatnot, feel free to just scroll through and look at all the pretty pictures and 'ooooh' and 'aaahhh' at something every now and then and maybe leave me a comment.  I love comments!

Believe me, I won't be offended if you don't read everything.  After all, my husband only hears about 1/3 of what I actually say and we're happy enough!

First I finished this hat for little guy a while back and don't think I blogged about it.  It was one of my first hats and he loves it.  I love the colors so much I went back to Michaels and bought about 7-8 skeins of it so I can make him a sweater with it.  That's enough to make about 3 or 4 sweaters for his little body but oh well.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get anymore later. He loves the colors too.  Win/win.

Then I finished 2 of these little hats.  Super quick knitting pattern! I can easily make about 1 hat an hour.  They are warm and soft so the boys love them too.  Aiden took his out for a stroll through the snow first thing.  I even let him go out before he'd brushed his teeth or gotten dressed 'cause he was so excited.  

Here's a better pic of the pattern design.  I used a wider ribbing on the cuff of the hats and really like the way they turned out.  I've now made so many of these hats that I pretty much have the pattern memorized.  Jake has pled with me to please not make any more hats for the boys.  I suppose he's right.  I can't find anywhere else to stuff them anyway.

Then Jake got a neck warmer.  He loves it.  Came in handy while we were tromping around on the land.  He says he also likes to wear it while he's motorcycle riding.

And I knit myself an Infinity Scarf.  Sorry, lighting was kinda bad for this one but I was trying to take the pic myself since no one else was around.  That is one warm scarf! I've worn it quite a bit lately with the weather we've been having.

Then I worked on this quilt.  It was a custom order I got from one of my dads nurses.  She has a friend who's having a little girl soon and wanted a nice quilt for her.  I really love it.  It turned out so soft and sweet.

Then I made this cute little doll quilt for my best friends little girl.  She had a birthday recently and needed a snuggly blankie for her favorite puppy.  I had so much fun making this.  It was the first time I'd ever made a doll size quilt and I'm definitely making more soon! I used nothing but scraps of fabric I already had in my stash.  It was so rewarding to use up some of my scraps and not buy anything new.

This beauty is for sale now in my shop.  I so love the soft, spring colors in this table runner.  I actually planned this one out instead of winging it and was able to get 2 runners from one charm pack.  I have been toying with the idea of creating my own pattern for it, but we'll see.  There's a lot going on right now.

Here's another one from the same pattern.  This is an old collection of fabric I've been hanging onto to make just the perfect table runner.  Let's just say it's been sitting around since before the little guy joined our family.  I finally decided to stop waiting for the perfect pattern and just make something with it.  And you know what? It's kinda perfect.  :)  Funny how that happens sometimes.  It's also for sale here.

And lastly, there's this one.  It's a really fun collection of fabrics called Botany.  It's now out of print I believe but you can still find some of it a few places online.  And guess what? It's for sale too.  here.

Maybe I'll make one to keep for myself one day, but for now, I'd rather be selling them to someone who loves them and doing my part to save up for our new house.

Aiden's Monster Chunk 
Odin's Jelly Bean Monster
Now, one last thing to share that isn't mine but a friends.  A few weeks ago my best bud's kiddos had a week break from school so they all came over one day and we got to sew all day (yay!) while the kids all played.  I managed to complete several small projects but Becky painstakingly worked on a few little blocks all day long.  
Are these not gorgeous?!? Serious amount of work right here people! She's recycling old jeans (some of them are mine!) and little 2.5" squares of fabric in the center to make these Cathedral Window blocks.  She has like, I don't know, probably a zillion blocks to go before she makes it to a lap size quilt, but it's going to be so pretty!  

I just had to get her permission to share these since I loved them so much and I'm never ever going to have the patience to make them myself.  Now hurry up and finish Becky so I can snuggle under it!

I hope you've all enjoyed show and tell! I plan to be back to more regular blogging again.  I've got lots of projects just waiting for me to create them.

Have a great day! I'm off to sew while the boys are still napping.