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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So I know I said the blogging world would be silent, but I have to share! Even after my day turned out so ... unexpected, I have some happy news! I received a package today from the UPS guy that I wasn't expecting.  It was a brand new book from the Moda Bakeshop Designers!!! I had forgotten I pre-ordered it awhile ago and it just released a few days ago.  This book is awesome!!! At least now I will have something new to pour through and find fabrics to go with these patterns.  There is a great pattern for a laptop sleeve, storage bag and tote.  I'm thinking this will be perfect for me to whip up in time for my brothers wedding in August.  Great way to carry my laptop and accessories as well as my purse essentials all in one bag.  I think I'm also going to try making the kids doodle bag for my oldest boy, Aiden.  He will be accompanying me on the trip and this bag will be great to hold his art supplies, reading books, a few toys and his best buddy Raff.  I'm so excited!!! Can't wait until I can start making them!

Here is a pic of the book, Fresh Fabric Treats.  Definately worth purchasing!  You can buy one here at Amazon.  This is where I purchased it and they have a really great price on the book currently. 

Well, I'm off to find something productive to do.  Happy Quilting!
Unexpected Complications

The boys left early this morning with their grandparents to enjoy a day at the Seattle Zoo, so of course I was thinking "WooHoo! A whole day to myself to get some much needed sewing and quilting done!"  Not so. 

I started the day waving the kids goodbye and enjoying a second cup of coffee while I caught up on some TV drama.  Then I headed to the sewing room to start my day.  I got one block finished for a new baby quilt I had just started and then ... CLUNK ... my sewing machine died!!! ACK!!! This is NOT ALLOWED to happen today!!! How DARE my wonderful sewing machine, which has been soooo good to me (even though it's about a year overdue for a tune-up) should pick today, of all days, to finally die on me!!! It's just not fair I tell you. 

Well, after I got the shock and frustration out of my system, I decided to run some errands and drop off my machine for a tune-up on the way.  Once there, the lady tells me with a smile on her face, that they are leaving for a two week vacation and I might not get my machine back until they are home.  What?!? Seriously?  At this point, I just smile and say, "That sounds great!" In my head, I'm trying not to ring her neck.  I mean, really, it's not her fault that my machine had to die right before her vacation.  It's also not her fault that I waited so long to get my machine tuned up.  Sigh.  I guess that's the universes way of telling me I needed a break too.  Oh well. 

So... since I will not be able to show-off any new lovlies for awhile, the blogging world will probably remain silent for a while (at least my blogging world). 

Let's all have a moment of silence for my beloved Elsie.  (That's her name.  What? You don't name your sewing machines too?)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

While the boys are entertained crashing motorcycles into their chicken farm, I thought I'd share something I was able to work on recently. 

This little cutie is a Diaper Clutch for a momma on the go.  It's made with fabric from the Kumari Garden collection.  LOVE this fabric line!!!

I used Kumari paisley for the outside and a soft, cream colored flannel for the inside.  The pocket is a stripe from the same fabric collection.

Here's a view of it open.  The velco keeps it closed while it's being carried or stuffed into a diaper bag.  

And here's the pic of it fully opened.  The pocket will hold a small case of wipes and several diapers (obviously).  You can lay babies cute little butt on the soft flannel and just toss it in the wash to clean.  I am hoping to have some of these for sale soon.   I really need to finish up some quilts first though!
Yay! I'm back! Finally!

I tell you what, sometimes technology can be frustrating! I've been trying to get on here and blog for almost a week now but the website has been telling me that I don't exist.  Hello? I'm right here! I'm signed into my account and looking at my blog for goodness sake!  (Growl, groan, hair pulling and much name-calling). 

I'm happy to announce though, that I have defeated the evil warlord Technology and risen to my rightful place as ruler of this domain name once again! May I rule my kingdom in peace and harmony for many years to come.

So... Now that I'm back after a few weeks I have much to share with you! I completed a few more baby quilts that just need to be bound (so, they'll be for sale by next year...).  I also finished some table runners and a mug rug (large coaster) that are for sale in my etsy shop currently.  (UPDATE: the mug rug has sold! Yay!) Here's a pic of the sold mug rug.  I will have some more of these with similar colors for sale next week. 

Don't you love it?!? I was so excited about this rug! I love the calming colors it has and the quilting I did myself - of course.  I have fallen in love with this quilting design.  I just made it up one day and have used it every chance I get since then.

Here are some pics of the table runners that are for sale currently. 

I carefully selected the colors for this one to give it a cool and calming feel. 

This one I used the warmer colors for.  I used a charm pack from Kate Spain's spring line, Fandango.  Love this line.  I have a baby quilt for sale currently using this fabric.  Lovely quilt. 

Be sure to stop by my shop and take a look.  I have a sale through May for 15% off your purchase total (only a few days left!).  Great time to take advantage and get some gifts for friends or something for yourself. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Spring!!!

It finally feels like spring is really here.  The sun came out yesterday afternoon and is supposed to (fingers crossed) stay until Friday or Saturday.  This is good news to me because Odin's birthday party celebration will be on Thursday.  I'm not ready for him to turn 3.  I'm just totally not prepared for this.

On the subject of the soon-to-be birthday boy, this morning he gave me quite a scare.  I woke up at 640 to find the front door open and Odin nowhere to be found.  I immediately yelled for my husband who was awoken from a deep sleep and we found him right away, thank the spirits! He was in the front lawn, huddled in his blankie.  Apparently he wanted to play in the water since it was sunny, but he got too cold and couldn't get back inside.  10 seconds of not knowing where he was was absolute torture! I'm just so glad he's fine. 

  On to happy news though... This is the picture, as promised, of the baby quilt I made for my friend's little baby girl, Madalyn.  She will be born within the next month (her momma is hoping anyway!).  I really had a great time making the quilt for her.  It is such beautiful fabric and I loved every minute of working with it.  It always makes it more enjoyable making quilts when you know it's going to a special little baby though.  :)

Close-up! The fabric was Sunkissed, from Sweetwater.  I absolutely love the fabric line! So excited to have an excuse to make this baby quilt too.  The prairie points (little triangles surrounding the pinwheels) were a lot of work but so worth it. 

My friend Dawn loved the quilt and I'm sure her little girl will get lots of playtime on it.  :)

This is a picture of the drawstring bag I made to put the quilt in.  I just love making these drawstring bags!!! They are so quick and easy to make up and it's such a nice touch to put a handmade quilt or toys into them.  For one thing, they're beautiful and fast! They are also reusable so you are eliminating waste from wrapping paper and boxes.  My boys love to put their toys in the bags I've made them and tote them around. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well this morning will be short and sweet.  I'm on the way outside to have some fun with the boys and Jake.  We are having a bubble blowing party.  They are super excited!

This afternoon Jake and I will be attending a baby shower for a friend and her almost-here little girl, Madalyn.  I have the baby quilt and other goodies finished and awaiting wrapping.  I was thinking maybe I should see if I have time to make a nice little drawstring bag to put the quilt into.  I've become really addicted to making these lately.  They are so easy and quick to make up and are so useful! I made the boys each a dinosaur print one to hold their Beltane gifts for our May Day celebration last week and I've made a few to put quilts in also.  BTW... Happy News!  I've sold two of my baby quilts this week!!! I'm so excited about that!

I'll try to post some pics later tonite of the baby shower gifts and the owls I've been making recently.