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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Spring!!!

It finally feels like spring is really here.  The sun came out yesterday afternoon and is supposed to (fingers crossed) stay until Friday or Saturday.  This is good news to me because Odin's birthday party celebration will be on Thursday.  I'm not ready for him to turn 3.  I'm just totally not prepared for this.

On the subject of the soon-to-be birthday boy, this morning he gave me quite a scare.  I woke up at 640 to find the front door open and Odin nowhere to be found.  I immediately yelled for my husband who was awoken from a deep sleep and we found him right away, thank the spirits! He was in the front lawn, huddled in his blankie.  Apparently he wanted to play in the water since it was sunny, but he got too cold and couldn't get back inside.  10 seconds of not knowing where he was was absolute torture! I'm just so glad he's fine. 

  On to happy news though... This is the picture, as promised, of the baby quilt I made for my friend's little baby girl, Madalyn.  She will be born within the next month (her momma is hoping anyway!).  I really had a great time making the quilt for her.  It is such beautiful fabric and I loved every minute of working with it.  It always makes it more enjoyable making quilts when you know it's going to a special little baby though.  :)

Close-up! The fabric was Sunkissed, from Sweetwater.  I absolutely love the fabric line! So excited to have an excuse to make this baby quilt too.  The prairie points (little triangles surrounding the pinwheels) were a lot of work but so worth it. 

My friend Dawn loved the quilt and I'm sure her little girl will get lots of playtime on it.  :)

This is a picture of the drawstring bag I made to put the quilt in.  I just love making these drawstring bags!!! They are so quick and easy to make up and it's such a nice touch to put a handmade quilt or toys into them.  For one thing, they're beautiful and fast! They are also reusable so you are eliminating waste from wrapping paper and boxes.  My boys love to put their toys in the bags I've made them and tote them around. 

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