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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yay! I'm back! Finally!

I tell you what, sometimes technology can be frustrating! I've been trying to get on here and blog for almost a week now but the website has been telling me that I don't exist.  Hello? I'm right here! I'm signed into my account and looking at my blog for goodness sake!  (Growl, groan, hair pulling and much name-calling). 

I'm happy to announce though, that I have defeated the evil warlord Technology and risen to my rightful place as ruler of this domain name once again! May I rule my kingdom in peace and harmony for many years to come.

So... Now that I'm back after a few weeks I have much to share with you! I completed a few more baby quilts that just need to be bound (so, they'll be for sale by next year...).  I also finished some table runners and a mug rug (large coaster) that are for sale in my etsy shop currently.  (UPDATE: the mug rug has sold! Yay!) Here's a pic of the sold mug rug.  I will have some more of these with similar colors for sale next week. 

Don't you love it?!? I was so excited about this rug! I love the calming colors it has and the quilting I did myself - of course.  I have fallen in love with this quilting design.  I just made it up one day and have used it every chance I get since then.

Here are some pics of the table runners that are for sale currently. 

I carefully selected the colors for this one to give it a cool and calming feel. 

This one I used the warmer colors for.  I used a charm pack from Kate Spain's spring line, Fandango.  Love this line.  I have a baby quilt for sale currently using this fabric.  Lovely quilt. 

Be sure to stop by my shop and take a look.  I have a sale through May for 15% off your purchase total (only a few days left!).  Great time to take advantage and get some gifts for friends or something for yourself. 

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