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Sunday, October 20, 2013

it's been so long

wow! it's been almost a month since i've blogged! i have been meaning to log in here and share what's going on but it's been so busy!

this little sweetie turned 3 months old! can't believe it.  i really can't.  he's just so getting big too fast for me.

we also went to the coast for a week long vacation (which was wonderful and much needed).

this made me smile.  in our room one morning at the resort.  daddy and little man drinking their breakfast.

and these cupcakes from a local cupcake shop were amazing! truly.  we stopped there twice and it was pure heaven each time.  maple bacon chocolate cupcakes, triple chocolate ganache, root beer float (with little straws!), pb&j, boston creme pie... seriously, there was not enough time to try them all, but try i did.  as many as possible.  oh yes, and let's not forget peanut butter and chocolate.  just kill me now!

the boys on the sand dunes.  they had so much fun running around on the beach.  they and their dad took their RC racing cars and they all had a blast racing their cars around on the beach and sand dunes. it was so much fun and very relaxing.  we had some family join us for a bit while we were there.  it's always so much fun to have family or friends come visit for awhile.  we are going back again next year - at least once - it was so much fun.

 in quilting news, i'm working on a custom quilt for a customer.  it's a surprise for her in-laws 50th anniversary and all the blocks are being made by friends and family. i'm going to be piecing the blocks together and quilting and binding it.  possibly it was the wrong time of year to take on this project (since it's like, super close to Christmas!) but i really wanted to be a part of such a special event. i mean, 50 years together! that's pretty amazing.   i'll have pictures soon.  i just started receiving some of the blocks and plan to start sewing them together today.  this has to be finished soon so i really can't wait for all the blocks to arrive.  i'm going to start sewing short rows together and then if more blocks arrive soon i can easily add them in.

that's all for now! more soon.