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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

Yes everyone, it's my birthday today! Birthdays are a big deal around this house.  The birthday person (that's me today!) gets to make all the decisions about food for the day (Yay!) and generally have a relaxing day where they are completely spoiled.  Yesterday I picked Jake up from the airport and he took me to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory, one of my favorite places and dessert at Cheesecake Factory, definately one of my favorite places.  So... I've spent the morning drinking more coffee than I should and eating the better part of two slices of cheesecake! The boys are off shopping with the grandparents and Jake is banging away in the kitchen making my awesome birthday cake!!! Black russian chocolate cake with vodka and kahlua and hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries on top.  OMgosh! It is soooo decadent and made completely from scratch.  And yes ladies, he's taken! My thighs are screaming at me today but I told them where to stick it.  Today is my day and I'm enjoying it.  :)

So, since I have some quiet time I decided to sew and blast some music.  It's a nice treat.  I'll post some pics later of the project I'm working on.  Right now I want to get going while the goings good (and quiet).

Have a great day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A tender moment, shared

I just have to say I have the most amazing children.  I love that I can stay home and be with them all day.  I get to watch them grow and discover themselves and the world around them.  They are the most fascinating little people and amaze me every single day.

Just this morning Aiden, my oldest at almost-five-years-old, was sitting on the kitchen counter swinging his legs and watching me wash some dishes.  "Mommy," he says, "Can I tell you a truth?"

"I wish you would," I replied.
"It's really important," he says. "Are you ready to hear it?" He looks very serious so I stop and look at him, my mind racing with all the terrible things he could be about to confide to me.  Telling myself to keep calm, no matter what he says, since he is trying to be truthful and do the right thing, I said, "I'm ready Aiden.  What would you like to tell me?"

He smiles at me and says, "Mommy, my truth is this: I love you so much that sometimes, my whole body aches!"

Well of course, with wet eyes,  I hugged him and kissed him and told him he was the most wonderful and sweet little boy and I loved him just as much! 

I mean really... really people, does it ever get any better than this? Is there anything in this vast unexplored universe that could ever be better than this? Ever come close to the feelings that being a parent give you?

As Aiden would say, "The answer is... No!"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Quilt Along @ ps i quilt

So, don't know if anyone reads Rachel's blog over at ps i quilt, but she is having another quilt along that I am super excited about! I have included a link so you can just click right on over and follow along with us if you'd like.  It should be super fun! Starts in a few days! We are using layer cakes for this one which is exciting for me since I just got Ready Set Snow and Jovial in the mail from Moda a few days ago and have been dying for a pattern to use them with!!! Thank you Rachel!

Click here to go to Quilt A Long on Rachel's flicker page and click here for quilt a long instructions found on her blog.

And I promise I will soon have the scrappy blocks quilt pics posted! I had to put that quilt aside for a little while.  My BFF finally moved down to WA and me and the kids have been driving the hour (each way) to her parents place and visiting as much as we could the last week.  We have also been pretty actively searching for some land to build our new house on! Yay!

Okay, go check out the quilt a long and do it with me!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday my mother-in-law loaned me her Viking machine (since she has two sewing machines) so I am back in the sewing business again!!! I was itching all day yesterday to get at least a few seams sewn together, but it just didn't work out.  The boys and the overgrown grass kept me pretty busy in the morning and early afternoon.  Then, after naptime (for all of us), it rained so we stayed in and played Super Mario together all afternoon.  We stopped for some outdoor time as soon as the weather broke and then came in to eat burgers from the BEST burger joint around! (Thanks to my father-in-law, Mike). What a nice treat!

Today, Odin is spending the morning with Grampa and Baba and Aiden is currently trying to master Super Mario (I'm Mario'd out for the present moment).  I think I might just spend some time sewing and listening to Aiden ("Mommy, I made it past the biggest bad guy of all!", "You should see this mommy! It's all underwater! That's so amazing! Hey, how does Mario breathe down there?" ... and on it goes.  Kids are so great!).

I will probably start working on the rest of this quilt.  I'm pretty sure it will be for sale on etsy as soon as I get it finished. It has been such a great quilt block to work with so far.  I found the tutorial for it here at Little Miss Shabby's blog.  I altered the block slightly so it will finish a bit larger, only because I had a large number of 2" scrap squares and not as many 1.5" squares, which is what her tutorial calls for.  Next time I am going to try making this block with the smaller scrap squares.  I will be alternating this block and a solid white block, so every other block will be solid and scrappy.  Will be an amazingly cute baby quilt once finished! I'm just super excited to be using up all these little scrap pieces I have laying around.  They are hard to part with (especially a favorite print).

UPDATE: I also found a great tutorial for this quilt block at Red Pepper Quilts.  I ADORE her blog! She has some spectacular quilts on her blog as well as for sale in her etsy shop. 

Don't forget to check out my etsy shop soon for this quilt, which will be for sale hopefully within a few weeks.  Just need time to piece together all these scraps and get it quilted up!  In the meantime, stop on over to  Red Pepper Quilts and check out her blog for inspiration.  I got lost for hours yesterday pouring over all her posts and drooling at the beautiful quilts.

Hope you enjoyed the links I provided today and I will get some pics posted in the next few days of the Scrappy Quilt progress.  Happy Quilting!