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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Five Year Old

Today, my little guy turned 5.  While I'm so excited for him it's also a little sad for me.  He's growing up so fast.  Four just doesn't seem that big, but five? Five sounds big.  Five is growing up.

I heard him get up and pad down the hallway this morning, his blankie and favorite stuffed puppy under his arms, hair all askew from sleep, a little smile on his face.  He came over for a snuggle, looked into my eyes and asked, "Am I five yet?"  I said yes and he patted my cheek, kissed me and said, "Thanks mom.  Thanks for letting me be five now."  Then his brother began singing Happy Birthday to him.  Talk about a heart-melter.

We celebrated his birthday the week before since Daddy was going to be gone this week for work so we had a quiet morning together getting ready for their date with Grampa and Baba (my husbands parents) which happens every Thursday while he's away.  It gives me a nice break to catch up on whatever - or lately, with baby making me more tired than usual, I can get a nice nap in.

I did however get to work on a few sewing projects this week.  I'll have pictures coming soon! I haven't made it to the sewing machine very much lately - it's getting hard to sit in front of it for very long! But I do have some things to finish up so I will have some show-and-tell still, at least until this little guy pops out.

And even though I apparently didn't take pictures of the birthday celebration, here's some recents of my little guy.

Realized I didn't have any birthday pictures of him, but here's a few recent ones.  Contemplating life in the toy cubbies.  I love this one! 

And this was just a few days before his birthday.  Mr. Cool on his way to Costco.  This was actually just a few short hours before he proudly did this by himself...

Cut his own hair.  As he said to me proudly, he used safety scissors so he was safe and did it over the trash can so there was no mess.  He also knew I needed to trim their hair and was trying to help out since I've been so tired lately.  Really, a sweet offer and sweet little boy.  I couldn't be upset.  And hair? It grows back.

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