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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Binding your Quilts

So, since I don't have my camera yet and can't take any pictures for you, I'll just tell you what I've been up to.  I managed to get at least a dozen or so table runners quilted on my mom-in-laws long-arm machine.  With all the distractions from energetic little boys, fixing dinner and TV shows (we don't have cable at my house, so this is where I get to catch up on daytime drama) that took a solid afternoon.  I am currently in the process of making bindings for all of these now. 

I did get one Christmas table runner completely finished and that went immediately into the wash.  I have to say, my absolute favorite thing to do once I finish a quilt (or anything quilt-y) is to first squeal with excitement that I actually managed to finish something and then race to the laundry room with it.  I just adore the snuggly warm feeling of a freshly laundered quilt.  They look and feel so much nicer.  And who can resist all the scrunchy, puckery goodness once it comes out of the drier? Not me!

I also finished quilting a belated Birthday present for one of my sister-in-laws.  I am hoping to get the binding on that tomorrow afternoon while the little boys nap.  It would be nice to have it in the mail to her before Christmas.  ;)

Anyway, after taking a much needed break from all the binding-making and doing this afternoon, I stumbled upon this Perfect Binding post from Julie Herman at Jaybird Quilts. 

She has a great blog and this Binding tutorial was so stinkin' helpful this afternoon! I had been trying to remember how I used to do my binding so it didn't show any seams, and this tutorial was it!  You really should check it out for yourself.  She has very easy to follow tut's.  There is also a tut on binding w/flange.  I want to try that out someday.  Has anyone else ever done a flange binding?

Well... Until I get a camera (which is hopefully only a few days from now) I don't have anything else for ya.

Hope everyone has had a great week!

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