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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Camera

Okay... So I've needed a new camera for a little while now since  I have completely lost both my charger and extra battery for mine.  Right before my brother's wedding too.  How great is that!

Anyway, I know you're probably saying, "Can't you just go buy another charger?" Well of course I can but where would that leave me I ask you? Without a new camera, that's where! And what kind of place is that to leave myself when I can have this nice new camera (with the hubby's blessing too)!

 The hubs has been wanting one of these for awhile now and I have been saying, "Let's just wait.  We're trying to save money and we don't need new cameras right now.  Let's wait." 

Well... then my cameras essential parts disappeared and my guy really wanted one and he honestly never asks for much for himself so I thought, why not! ... and I bought one for my brothers wedding present.  You should have seen the look on my husbands face when I told him that! It was priceless! Totally priceless! I'm still giggling over that one.  Well, don't worry.  I'm not completely heart-less.  I bought one for my hubby too.  It's a surprise anniversary present.  He still thinks we can't get them yet.  Our 6 year anniversary was Sept. 3rd but he's been away working for awhile now and is due back tomorrow night (yippee!).  I thought it would be a nice present for him.  Of course I ordered one for myself too.  My camera is the one not working after all!  I figure we can all eat a lot of Top Ramen for awhile.  Here's hoping you're worth it Samsung!

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