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Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Decorating

Yes, we are already decorating for Halloween around here.  It's Jake's favorite holiday and he will be leaving for work tomorrow and won't get back home until 4 days before Halloween.  So... we decided to decorate a little bit beforehand and let him get in on some of the fun.

I took a few pics with my new camera (Yay! It finally came!).  You'll have to excuse the photos as they are not top quality.  I have not yet figured out all the little buttons on my camera and have been playing around with it today.

Here's our Spooky Halloween Tree.  We all sat around the kitchen table this afternoon and colored the decorations.  Guess who got to color the whole tree-front and back? You guessed it-me!  That was tons of fun, by the way.  My fingers were cramping when I finished it.

We had a great time though.  It was a perfect project for our rainy day and easily involved all ages.  I picked this up with the boys at JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks ago.  It cost only a few bucks for the tree, stand and the decorations.  I even got it on sale.  Score! I love me a good sale.

Stay tuned for more photos as we complete craft projects and decorating.  Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the Retro Halloween table runner I made.  I love, love, love this table runner!


Anonymous said...

That tree is so cute! In fact, I'm going to go find one for. BTW, I'm DYING to see the table runner!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jamie! The kids had a lot of fun coloring it. I posted some pics of the table runner this morning. Let me know what you think!