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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Mindful

As you all know, it has been a rather busy few weeks for us here.  Jake got home just before Halloween and those few days were spent preparing for our Halloween party and sleep-over for the boys.  The next day the carpet came out, wood floors went in, 4 children ran around the house in, out and around this chaos and there was coffee... lots of coffee.

Now that the wood floors are finished, the painting is (mostly) finished and the children are back down to just 2, there was a moment today when I sat in my newly arranged office and just... sat.  It was wonderful.  The boys went with their Dad to the "blue store" (aka Lowe's) and on a coffee run and I had caught up on most everything.  I just sat and took in this wonderful new living space we've created.  It was not easy.  It was hard work and very busy and chaotic and loud and at times stressful and tense.  But you know what? Even though all the rhythm and flow of our normal, boring, routine days were thrown for a loop, the boys were so wonderful. They hung in there like the great kids they are, and Jake and I didn't really even bicker too much at all.  Not even when we were tired (exhausted), low on sleep (and coffee) and just plain sick of working and doing.  We made it through, all of us, and now we have this beautiful house that is, although not quite finished, truly a home for us all.

I love our family... and our new home.

I hope all is well and peaceful with you and your families.