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Monday, October 31, 2011

New wood floors and Halloween

So I realize I've been off blog-land for awhile now.  I have a good reason, I promise.  We've been preparing for Halloween and for our Halloween Kids Party (which was Saturday).  The boys had two of their friends stay the nite after the party so that was a long (and fun!) nite.  The kids all had a blast playing games and watching Halloween movies and eating candy.  Surprisingly they did not eat much candy or sweets at all that nite.  The next morning I got up early and made everyone scrambled eggs and my famous (at least in this household they are) Pumpkin Pancakes.  The kids washed it all down with eggnog.  I stuck with good ol' coffee. 

That very morning Jake decided to get a jump-start on the wood floors.  Yes, I did say wood floors! After being in our rental for a few years the landlord (aka: my father-in-law) finally said we could put wood floors in! Jake is spending pretty much all of his two weeks home from work putting in the floors and helping me move furniture, clothes, huge Rubbermaid bins full of books and so much fabric he was about sick!

We, (by "we" I mean Jake and his dad) are working on the floors today while me and his mom make coffee and food runs and I entertain the children.  The little guys have been surprisingly good through all the chaos and noise and have been a great help to me.  "Let's move all this stuff over here", "Can you carry this", etc.  I've also made a surprising amount of goodwill drop-off's too.  Is it just me or can you cram an amazing amount of stuff into a small room too? I had a few "That's where that is!" and "Oh wow! I've been looking for this since we moved in here 2 years ago!" moments.

So, the living room/entry and hallway wood floors are finished and they just have the bedrooms and my sewing room left now.  I'm so excited! The floors are beautiful and clean and shiny and perfect and wood and, well... NOT CARPET!!! We are carpet-haters in this house. 

The kids favorite part: They can wear socks and slide up and down the hallway. 

My favorite part: I just found a cheap new broom and mop.

I will hopefully post pics over the next few days of the new floors.  I was going to post them today but surprise! my camera USB cord is in a bin somewhere.  So... unless I manage to get a few good pics from my iphone, the floor pics will unfortunately have to wait.

How are you all doing? Crafting and creating? I have to say I miss my sewing machine.  She's back from the cleaners and tucked away in a corner until we get the house put back together.  I will post some pics as soon as she is unpacked and back in her proper place. 

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My Baby James said...

Congrats on the new floors! I'm jealous, we hate carpet too.