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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day for being Thankful

Here's a sampling of things I am thankful for today. 

A child's chalk drawing.  So sweet and innocent.  I just love the little belly button.

The smells of yet more apple butter simmering away on the stove and waiting to be canned.

A finished batch of pumpkin bread batter.  Oh yum! We had a hard time getting it into the loaf pans and baking it.  The batter was so yummy!

My sweet little kitty snuggled into the blankets purring away.

 The boys Halloween placemats finished! I love how much they love them.  :)

They have been using these at every meal now and love them.  They sit in their chairs while I'm fixing their plates and look at all the different animals and pictures.  They each picked out their own backing fabric and I pulled together a selection of Halloween fabrics I had on hand for the fronts.  Working on finishing up me and Daddy's placemats hopefully this evening after two little boys are in bed. 

My first few Wonky Log Cabin blocks finished! I am crazy about these blocks! I collected all of my scrap fabric and some other pieces that I had purchased from an etsy seller and some my MIL had given me.  I am really, really loving how these blocks are coming together.  What do you guys think? It's a secret right now as to what they will all become, but hopefully I'll be able to show you all in the next few months.  I'll keep giving some sneak-peeks as I finish more of these.

What are you thankful for right now? In this moment.  Today.


My Baby James said...

I just got home from Chicago. Seriously, I got home about 15 minutes ago. So at this moment, I'm thankful that not only do I have a cozy home to go to but also that my home is on a gravel road out in the sticks. City life is just too much for me!

Stephanie said...

I quite agree! We are working hard to get to our goal of living in the sticks as well. Sounds lovely Jamie!