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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Power is back & I'm sewing

So I figured no sooner than I try to log on and post that we have no power and I'll be unable to blog for awhile that we would get power back.  About 9:30 last nite we heard the welcoming buzz of the electronics and the gentle hum of the heaters all coming back to life.  Of course I leapt up and went straight into the boys room to remove some of the four quilts layering them.  Then, I looked at Jake and said, "Hey, I can sew now!"

That's just what I did too.  I had been cutting out HST's (half square triangles) to make into a Swoon quilt.  I recently found this beautiful star-like block popping up all over blogland and decided I had to make it. 

I have admired this one from Anglea @ fussycut for a long time now.