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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy (Belated) New Year Everyone!

Well, it's a late Happy New Year, I know.  We have been so busy lately.  The holidays were packed with activity for us.

We had both sets of grandparents over to the house for Christmas this year.  It was nice to have us all together and be able to celebrate the special day together.  The kids really enjoyed having all their grandparents here and I enjoyed only cooking for one meal instead of three. 

Both the boys did really well considering how long and exciting of a day it was and then each took about 10 toys into bed with them since they couldn't bare to part with them all.  I just love Christmas with kids! They are so much fun and see so much magic in it.

New Years was a quiet day around here.  We sat around in our pajamas and ate the rest of the cookies and pies and then, just to balance it out with some veggies,  had mashed potatoes for dinner.  It was a super relaxing and low-key day.  Much needed and very appreciated.

Wednesday was my first day back at my sewing machine.  I've been working on a nice warm flannel quilt for my husband.  He gets cold all alone in Alaska.  I hope to get the binding on this weekend and get that sent up to him next week.  I will post some pictures of that quilt later since he doesn't know what it looks like and he reads my blog.  ;)

And as promised, here are some pics of the quilt I made my mom for Christmas.  I really love this quilt.  I used close to 300 different prints on the front (280 I believe it was) and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  She loves it!

And here's a close-up of the quilting I did on it.  I love the little swirls.  I did this all free-hand and it was really fun.  I'm looking forward to trying this pattern again.

I've also been working on finishing some Christmas placemats for our next Christmas together. 
I have to do the binding on several of them this next week before they're ready to store away for the year.  I'm planning on making a lot of them so we have plenty for all the friends and family we hope to have together over the years.  I do love getting everyone together around the holidays.
Pieced back.
Another pieced back.
I have to say I'm almost more fond of the backs then I am the fronts.  We'll call them reversible.  I've been using up little bits and pieces leftover from my other coordinating Christmas decor.  I'll be posting pics of those over the next few weeks as they come along.

A few months ago I was bitten by the knitting bug.  It's bad.  I haven't recovered from it.  I'm not sure if I ever will.  I've made the boys a few hats each and my dad got one for Christmas. 

Odin in his favorite hat.

Several scarves for gifts and a few things for myself.  I am currently working on a sweater for myself.  That will take a little while to complete.  I may post some pics as I progress with it.  We'll see. 

I have also been making a lot of dishcloths.  I sent a few to my grandparents for Christmas and have been making some to use here at the house.  I have to say I'm amazed with how good of a job they do cleaning.  Since they are cotton I can throw them in with the regular wash and keep reusing them - which is a HUGE plus for me - and they look a lot prettier than a stinky sponge.  I'm thinking these will end up for sale in the shop soon.  I do enjoy making them.

And since it's the time of year to reflect on what we did in 2011 and what we'd like to do in 2012, here's a preview of a few quilts & things finished in 2011 and never blogged about.

Table Runner for a friend of mine.

This was my first Quilt sale of 2011.  Super sweet baby quilt.

Nine-patch variation for a little girl.

Frosted Memories Coin Quilt

Paradise in Eden

This was a gift for a friend's little girl.

Eden's pieced back.

My snowman quilt! I have better pics somewhere which will be added later.

Adoring table runner - gift for my grandparents

12 Days of Christmas table runner - gift for my aunt

Central Park baby quilt - gift for a dear friend's new little girl

I adore this fabric!

Sunkissed Pinwheels - gift for another friends new little girl

My favorite mug rug.  This sold within a few hours of being listed.  I'll have to make more this year.

Fandango Tango lap size quilt.  This one will end up listed for sale soon.

I hope everyone had a great 2011 and wish you all the best in 2012! My goals for this year are to slow down and enjoy life more, life a healthier lifestyle and complete at least 8 quilts this year.  I have enough fabric to make at least 8 quilts per month, but I'll start out slowly.  After all, that's my number one goal.  :)


My Baby James said...

Hey Stephanie, I'd say 2011 was a productive year for you. Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing. I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jamie! We did have a wonderful and relaxing end to the year. I'm hoping to beat my 8 quilts this year goal, but we'll see.

My Baby James said...

My goal for the year is 12 and I'm thinking that was probably a bit unrealistic. What my goal should be is to actually put some work into my etsy shop, and I don't know, maybe sell some stuff on there. I hear etsy is good for that kinda thing :) Have you read my blog lately? I'm participating in a FWQAL and it's just starting. It would be awesome if you could join in.