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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lavender Tea

Has anyone else ever tried Lavender Tea? When I first tried it last year I rode the fence for awhile (okay, almost a year) before I poured myself a cup of Lavender Moon Tea this morning and decided it was a keeper.  It is a wonderfully fragrant and delicate-looking flower/plant/herb.  It's technically an herb and is actually very hardy.

Isn't it gorgeous? I have always loved the smell and look of it.  I mean, come on, it's purple and it smells great! What more do you need?

It also just so happens that I live a few hours away from one of the biggest lavender capitals (at least in the US and as far as I know.  It's really big though).  A little town called Sequim, WA (pronounced like "swim" with a Q.  "S-qwim").  Really cute little town.  They have shops for just about everything - well, probably for everything - relating to lavender.  I enjoyed walking around town.  We stopped to get the boys some lavender ice cream but of course all they wanted was Mint Chocolate Chip in a cone.  They're 3 and 5, can't expect too much yet I guess.  :)

Anyway, I did find this wonderful little tea and herb shop.  I do mean "little" quite literally.  It was probably no bigger than a 9x9 foot room and a delightful little shop.  Shelves all along the walls with big glass mason jars full of different herbs and teas - many I had never heard of but enjoyed trying to pronounce.  I decided on a Lavender Moon Tea because it sounded good and I thought, well, I really ought to buy something lavender.  Glad I did.  I'm enjoying my morning tea.  Hope your morning is going well!

I will be posting a few pics later of my brothers wedding.  For those of you who don't know, my little brother was married recently (August 20th to be exact).  The wedding was beautiful and Kris and Caitlin could not have looked more in love with each other.  I pretty much cried off and on the whole day.  Oh dear! Time to stop talking about this and go enjoy my tea.  I can feel the waterworks coming on again.

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