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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry to say but the owl blogged about here will not be making it to my etsy shop.  Aiden walked in as I was finishing her a few weeks ago and hugged her tightly - much to my distress as there were pins and a needle in her!  He just looked so cute patting her head and saying, "Oh mommy, did you make her for me? I love this owl too." (He already has 2 of them)! After I pried it carefully from his fingers and explained it was going to be for sale soon, he made his cutest sad face and said, "Oh mom, you know I love it the most of anybody? Maybe you should keep her for your bed? You don't have an owl for your very own, you know? And she is purple.  That's your favorite color mom! You should keep her at our house!"

So I caved.  She sat on my bed for 10.4 seconds before being confiscated to Aiden's bed (ummm, well mom... she has friends on my bed.  Then she won't be so lonely for more owls.  I'll take good care of her.  So will Odin.  I'm telling the truth, I'm not lying!).  Sigh.  I guess I'll have to make these owls in secret from now on or I will never ever get one to my shop.  I decided letting the boys keep her (Aiden gets her in the AM and Odin gets her in the PM) was worth sacrificing the money to be made selling her.  They are so happy and she does look great on their beds.  Isn't that what it's about anyway? Making these little guys smile?  If I can make something with my own two hands that pleases them so much, I'm pretty darn happy too!

I'm going to try working on a new Moda Bakeshop pattern I found today.  Here is the link:  Apple Crate Quilt

This is designed by a fellow blogger Angela from Fussycut who happens to be my current muse!  Isn't it just gorgeous in this fabric! It's new fabric by Aneela Hoey, Little Apples.  I adore this quilt! I'm going to try making it with the abundance of Christmas fabrics I currently have.  Hope to have some pictures up tomorrow.  Be sure to check out Angela's blog! It is filled with wonderful quilts, some great tuts and enjoyable reading. Enjoy the pattern and let me know if you make this quilt! I'd love to see them!  I bet Angela would too! ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I've been crushin' on Fussy Cut too! I recently printed off her new moda bake shop recipe for starry eyed. I can't wait to get some fabric and start on that one!