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Friday, July 1, 2011

Okay,  I know I've been absent lately.  And I've felt bad about it.  Really I have.  I've just been in a rut, you know? Has anyone else felt this way recently? My creative energies have been sucked out.  We have been spending a lot of time outdoors lately since the weather is much nicer now.  My best friend (who I've missed terribly!) just moved down to WA (finally!) about a month ago so we have been busy catching up and letting all the kids play. 

So... since I really don't have much new to share on the creative front, here's a bit of random stuff we've been up to lately, in no particular order.

... snuggled with my boys fresh from the bath (the best!)
... found a terrific new recipe for Raspberry Buttermilk Cake (will share soon)
... watched a deer run through the back yard
... got to see newly hatched baby birds in my mom's backyard with the boys (thanks mom!)
... my little brother is getting married!!! Super exciting!
... read stories with the boys
... read more stories with the boys
... paid some bills
... picked at my nails and then decided to trim them
... watched Jake and the boys get their hair(s) cut
... contemplated why we can it "hair" when it's really "hairs"
... came to the realization that the english language makes no sense whatsoever
... repeated the word "hairs" over and over in my head for awhile, concluding that I liked it much better than "hair"
... had the best birthday ever! (Mostly because my hubby got home on my b-day and then made me his famous Chocolate Black Russian cake that he only makes (from scratch!) once a year for my birthday)
... looked through some old quilt patterns and still found myself uninspired
... received a bouquet from the boys of dandelions, chickweed, some leaves from my cabbage plant, long blades of grass and clover
... said good-bye to husband for a month
... said hello to best friend recently relocated from Alaska
... had two friends both give birth to girls about a few weeks apart
... spent too much on groceries
... switched from coffee back to tea
... drank so much water my belly ached and I could hear water slosh around when I jumped
... peeked in at my boys sleeping peacefully and knew without a doubt that I was the luckiest lady on earth (for not waking them up)

Well friends, I'm off to my cozy bed.  Hopefully my creative energy and inspiration will return soon.  I would love to start making something - or finish something - again soon.  Leave me a comment with any interesting crafty stuff you've been working on recently.  I'd love to hear what everyone is up to, and maybe it will help rekindle my creative fires.

Happy Crafting!

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