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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm back, I'm back!

Yes, it's been awhile since I've been on here and I apologize.  I have been a busy little gal! My husband is home again, the rain has finally (mostly) stopped and the kids have been racing around outside using up all their pent-up energy.  Actually, that's just me wishful thinking.  Their energy never seems to run out.  Why is that I wonder? I mean, come on! MOMS are the ones that need the extra energy! Just watching these boys run circles around me shrieking in utter glee and pure abandon is exhausting.  Absolutley.  Exhausting. But I digress... (Really I have no idea what that means, but I've heard people say it and it sounds so grown-up I thought I'd try it out).

So moving on... I have managed to make a nice little stack of baby quilt tops over the past couple weeks.  I have a few of them quilted and awaiting binding (did someone just scream? oh, that was me.  I hate binding).  I'm also starting on a few table runners with spring in mind and have begun another baby quilt.  Okay, okay, I know I should just finish the ones waiting for binding, but it's soooo much more fun to start another project.  But wait! You haven't seen this fabulous fabric! Seriously cute!
to. die. for. CUTE!

Max & Whiskers by Basic Grey from Moda Fabrics.  I heart thee.  If you haven't seen it, google search it.  Right now.  or I suppose you can wait until I get pics posted in a few days.  

I've taken a charm pack and made a stacked coin baby quilt with it.  I used a bright sunny yellow for the sashing in between the rows.  To be truthful I was not sold on the yellow, but once I laid it out and saw how the little puppy prints just POPPED out of the quilt and smacked me in the face, I just had to use it.  To give credit where credit is due, it was really my MIL who found the yellow hiding in a dark and scary corner of the garage-turned-studio.  Then I asked my husbands opinion on whether to use the yellow or the orange I had picked out and he chose yellow.  (Traitor!)  And really, once you actually ask your hubs opinion and he gives it without a second thought, you had better use that fabric!  So, I did.  And it looks great.  

Well, I'm off to try and finish a table runner.  It's supposed to be almost 60* here today and sun-shiny, so I will hopefully have some pics to post of my quilts and runners.  You guys are in for a treat! Here's a link to the book, Let's Do Lunch by Terry Atkinson I'm currently using to make my table runners.  Really love this book! It's been used many, many times. 

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