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Friday, September 20, 2013


My oldest turned 7 on August 23rd.  I can hardly believe it.  It's such a magical age I think, don't you? Seven is when they start to develop who they really are.  The skin that was just a little too tight sheds away and this beautiful, magnificent little person is there, just waiting to go out and discover what they're made of.  The child disappears - not completely - but too much for this mama to handle just yet.   I look at Aiden and see glimpses of who he is becoming, watch him grow in confidence and knowledge, honing the skills already there and discovering new ones along the way and I'm filled with peace.  He is an amazing person with such a big heart and playful soul and I'm so proud to be his mama.

I tried finding a picture of just him for this post and almost couldn't.  He's such a great big brother that lately any pictures of him are also of another brother or two he's loving on.  

He was so proud to be able to burp Ronan all by himself.  He really is a big help to me and I appreciate all the hard work he puts in (and love that he doesn't think it's work!).
Teaching Odin how to ride his scooter.  Aiden got a scooter for his birthday this year and asked me and Jake if we could get one for Odin since he really loved riding Aiden's.

At the skate park the day after his birthday party.

Looking forward to another wonderful year with you buddy! Love you!

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