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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Not as much sewing has been happening around these parts lately.  We've been too busy enjoying the end of summer and loving on a new baby.  A new baby that is almost 3 months old now! I can hardly believe so much time has passed since this little bundle was first placed in my arms.  He's such a happy guy.  He always has a smile for everyone (though he keeps his best smiles for his favorite people).  

At 2 months.  I just love this little guy!

A bit of sewing I managed to do one night while everyone was asleep.  I have it quilted now and am waiting for the binding to arrive in the mail.  I'll post more pics once it's finished.  This one is destined for the shop.
The tiniest of frogs found in our front yard.  We have a lot of frogs around our house and outside in the garden.  I love hearing them croak at all hours of the day and night and the boys sure do love catching them.

A stack of fabric I picked up from JoAnn's a few weeks ago and forgot to share.  Not sure what it will be yet.  I'm thinking the bottom fabric (red poppies on a white text background) will become some placemats with a red border (pictured right above).  I ended up buying the last of the poppy fabric.  Love it!
Playing with a set of new knees just like the ones they put in Jake's moms knees last month.  He was really interested in how the new knees worked and how everything went together.  Benefits of having a grampa that works at the hospital.  He got to see and play with a pair of metal knee joints.

And building.  So much building happening.  With Duplos, legos, wood blocks, stuffed animals, rocks, acorns, old boxes destined for the recycle bin.  These kids love to build.  I am always finding little "creations" (as we refer to them) around the house.  On the floor (and most certainly exactly where you're going to step because why would they be anywhere else?), on counters (right where you just cleaned so you could start making dinner), on the couch (in the very spot that you sit down to nurse the baby every single day, many times a day) and scattered all over their bedroom.

I don't mind so much though.  They're learning and developing skills and it cleans easily enough.  These are the little moments that I cherish.  I love seeing their minds at work and their hands busy.  And really, at such a young tender age, is there anything more important than learning through play? I think not.

And I tell you what, just since this summer this boy has blossomed. He's picked up on writing pretty well all on his own, without any interference, which is exactly how it should be I feel.  His penmanship is great!  He was so proud of himself for reading the sentences and figuring out the word needed all by himself.  And I was too.  He's a pretty amazing little boy.  'Course I think all three of them are and I'm a little biased.

And one more pic of this little sweetheart.  Just because he's so little and smells so sweet and we all can't get enough of him around here.

So that's life these past few weeks for us.  I will hopefully have some more sewing pics to share soon.  I did manage to get a few more small things pieced together last week but no pictures yet.
Hope you're having a great beginning to fall!

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