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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Quilt for Baby

Well, I finally had enough free time and energy at the same time today and managed to get this quilt top finished up for baby boy!

I'm very excited.  It's not only the first quilt finished for baby but also my first low volume quilt and I just love it!

I was a little worried when I started these blocks that there wouldn't be enough color for me but I'm very happy with it.

I still have quite a lot of strips leftover from this quilt so I'm thinking I'll make up some pillows for the nursery with them.  Maybe log cabin blocks? I do love log cabins.


The Mrs. said...

Thanks for your comment on my guest post at Teach Beside Me. You are so talented!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your kind words. I just love playing with fabric and making things for people.

Allison said...

This is SUPER cute Stephanie!!! I saw your comment on my blog but for some reason your a no-reply I had to stop by and say thank you and see what you've been up to! Have a great night - Allison