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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Precuts in the Shop

Just wanted to let everyone know I have been sorting through my stash more this week and have tons or charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and some other assorted precut fabric bundles listed for sale.  A lot of them are out of print and hard to find so be sure to check them out!

Here are a few of the options I have listed.  Some of these I only have 1 or 2 left so if you're interested, please visit my shop and check them out before they are gone.  Also, don't forget, all fabrics (this includes precuts and scraps) are still 40% off.

This one is a newer fabric line called Bungle Jungle.  I still have a few of these I never used.

This one has great color and more modern prints.  Only one of these left!

Eden.  One of my favorite fabric collections! I believe there are still a few listed but I don't expect this one to last very long.  It's the perfect colors for the coming spring and Easter.

This one has been out of print for awhile.  I have been hanging on to it and just decided it was time to let it go.  I have so many more fabrics I really love and can't part with.  

Countdown to Christmas.  This one is a fairly new collection (2012 I believe) and I have a few of them left.  This fabric has been selling fast.

Frolic.  Very fun and bright fabric line.  Just in time for the spring! Would make a really nice table runner for your spring decor.  I only have one of these.

Hunky Dory.  I think this is one of my absolute favorite fabric collections ever!  Only one left!

There are lots more options in the shop to check out.  These are just some of the more recent additions.  Tomorrow I will be listing a bunch of jelly rolls!  Stay tuned!

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