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Friday, December 14, 2012

Potholders & Trivets & Quilts, oh my!

So as promised, here are some pics of what I have been finishing up lately.  I'm almost done with all my Christmas-y projects and am excited about that fact.  I don't usually finish everything I've decided to make.

This set of potholders is being shipped out to a family member.  

These are probably one of my favorites so far.  I really love the colors.  These are a set of potholders (the yellow) and a grey chevron stripe trivet (hot pad).  Also a gift.

This set of potholders is being shipped out today to another family member.  I just finished this one and the following one yesterday afternoon.

And this one is reversible.  Again, another gift to be shipped out today.  Surprised?

And here's the other side.  This is my favorite side.  I do love a good stripe though.

And lastly, another potholder set gift for some very dear family members.  

Phew... I'm a pro at potholders now, just sayin'.  I have a few more sets to make before this week is over then I'm going to try tackling some stockings.  I've never made stockings for us in all these years.  Seems wrong.  I spend so much time making things for other people and for my shop and have very few things that I've made for my family.  So, this year, I'm attempting to make us some.  I'm not sure I'll finish them (at least not all) but dang it I'm going to try!

And lastly, here's some photos of the boys with their Christmas quilts I made for them.  I think I posted about this already, but really, can you blame me for doing it again? I mean, look how cute they are!

I loved making these quilts for them.  They loved receiving them too.  Warm from the drier and ready to snuggle into and watch a Christmas movie.  They fit on the beds very nicely too.  A's is mostly red since he just loves red and O's is mostly blues since he loves blue.  I have to find the pics I took of the backs and then I'll post those.  A's back is all red and O's is all blue.  They were quite excited about the backs.

Anyway, I'm off to have a cup of tea and get ready for another marathon day of sewing!

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