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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Advent Calendar, a Tree and a Baby

I apologize in advance for a short post.  I've got many things being quilted, sewn, pieced together, bound, washed, etc currently.  The problem is... I can't really share a number of them because the recipients read this blog! I've been doing a lot of "elfin" as my boys call it.

I can show you this though! This is our advent calendar.  I made it in a long afternoon in between real life.  I love it.  So does my family.

One of my favorite things about it? I used scraps I had on hand.  No fabric was purchased to make this.  

And the binding.  I LOVE the scrappy binding! And as a bonus, I found the scrappy binding already sewn together and ready to be used.  It was leftover from a previous Christmas quilt I made for my parents several years ago.  Score! I love using things up.  It also makes me happy because every time I look at the binding it reminds me of the quilt I made my parents.  Happy times!

 And just because I think it's beautiful, here's a picture of our tree.

I love all the handmade decorations on it.  There is nothing better (in my opinion) than a Christmas tree filled with memories.  The boys and I are planning on making a few more tree decorations this year.  I'll be sure to post them!

Oh yes.  And that last thing I mentioned in the title? It's true, we are having another baby! Come June the boys will get to meet their new sibling.  It's all smiles and happiness in this house lately.  And I love it.  

Hope you and all your loved ones are well this holiday season.

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