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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Quilt for My Bed

Well, I have been working on this quilt as I collected the fabrics for it and have finally finished the top!

Isn't she lovely? You see the one bottom corner on the left here where there is just a solid rectangle of grey? I used up every single little scrap of my fabric for this quilt and rather than buying what would end up being more than I needed for one block, I decided to just put a solid block in there.  I think it looks nice, and you don't really even notice it when the quilt is all laid out.  

These are all fabrics collected from Anna Maria Horner's fabric collections.  There is quite a lot of LouLouThi in here, as well as Innocent Crush and a smattering of scraps from her older lines. 

I just love how alive this quilt is! There's so much color and texture in the fabrics and the grey gives your eyes a quiet place to rest.
This was originally going to be a large lap quilt for me to snuggle under, then I realized it was more of a twin size and before I knew what had happened it turned into a Queen size.  I think I better get it quilted before I pull it out and it's morphed into a King size.  Yikes!

Sorry that the pictures aren't the best.  I had been waiting for a sunny day (I know, a sunny day in the middle of a WA winter?) and then finally decided one night to just take the pictures.  I really wanted to share it.  
So... normally I do my own quilting on my mother-in-law's long-arm machine.  It's not set up to handle a Queen size quilt though, so I'm debating whether or not to rent a machine at our local quilt shop and do it myself, or send it out to my sister-in-law and have her do it.  While I do enjoy the quilting process, it sounds kind of fun to have someone else do it for me.  It's been a long time since I've had anyone do my quilting.  I suppose it will all boil down to money.  This will be waiting until after Christmas I'm sure.

Check back tomorrow as I have several more goodies to share with you all.  Happy crafting!


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Stephanie said...

Thanks! I think I may send this home with my sister-in-law for her to quilt. It's too big for the long-arm machine I currently use. I'm anxious to have it finished and on my bed!