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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Wall Art

Tomorrow I will be without the kids and will be sewing most of the day, so be prepared for lots of pretty quilt pictures.  Today however, I spent the day with the boys crafting and building Lego creations and block towers and following "pretend instructions" for lots of stuff.  It's only a little easier than it sounds.

Here's what we did this afternoon before lunch.

I taped each boys name to the artist canvas and let them paint away.

They had a lot of fun with this since they LOVE to paint.

I had purchased a 10 pack of painters canvas (these are approx. 8x11) from Michaels Craft Store during last years after Christmas sale.  I simply used masking tape to make the letters and then let the kids paint away.  After we had lunch and they played outside for awhile we checked the paint to see if it was dry.  It was, so we carefully peeled the tape off.

Kinda self-explanatory who's is who's.  They each picked a spot in their room where they wanted it to go.  Forgive the pictures.  The lighting is horrible in their room and the sun had disappeared behind rain clouds.
This one lives in the craft/school room.  Seemed to be a fitting place for it.  ;)

Here's the one I did.  It's above one of the bookcases in my room.
I think we'll definitely be doing more of these soon.  We all had fun painting and watching the letters appear as we peeled the tape off.

Now we're off to IHOP for dinner since the kids eat free and I don't feel like cooking something tonite.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some sewing and fabric pictures.

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