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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Week at a Glance

At the Home & Garden Show in Tacoma Dome.  Beautiful landscaping!
The boys and Jake taking a rest.  It was a lot of walking for those poor boys (and their momma!)

We really loved this walkway.  I'd love to have it as the stairs up to the house.

Finished this Infinity Scarf and have been wearing it around almost daily.  It's so cozy & warm.

Our poor broken tree in the backyard.  The storm took down and/or broke just about every tree in the whole neighborhood.

Jake clearing the dead, broken branches from the tree.  I hope it survives! It was pretty beaten up.

My first pillow ever! I love, love, love this pillow! It has a place of honor on our couch.  Doesn't match the decor right now, but oh well.  It will when we move into the new house.

I made it with an envelope closure on the back so it can be easily slipped off and washed.

I was happy to use up these bright scraps.  The gray background is a linen I had on hand.  I had never sewn with 100% linen before and it was a little different than cotton, but worked well.  I like how it turned out.

A visit to our land! Yes, our land! Jake's parents signed all the paperwork last week so it is officially the family's land.

Aiden walking through the area we are thinking of putting our house.  I am getting very excited!

Leaving the land.  Such a pleasant day of exploring and planning.  And I even knit 2 hats from start to finish on the drive.

Even though I didn't get a lot of sewing done it was a very fun and exciting week.  I should note that for the pillow I used a modified version of this tutorial from Angela's blog @ fussycut.  It was a really great tutorial, easy to follow and lots of helpful pictures.  I modified it to fit the size of pillow I had on hand, but other than that, I followed her directions and it worked out beautifully.  I will definitely be making some more pillows using this tutorial.  The hubs has been saying we need some nice pillows for the couch and that's all the invitation I need.

Hope you have a great rest of your week! I'm off to shoot catapults in the yard with the boys and hubby.

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