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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mug Rug & Boy Quilts

So, really quickly, here's a few pics of the newest Mug Rug to be born into the Quilting Whimsy family.  I bonded quite a bit with this one and had several internal (and one external) battles over whether or not to give this one up for adoption, but eventually the desire to sell more and help Jake save for our new house won out and selfishness lost.  Oh well.  Here's the link to the shop's listing.

Do me a favor please? If you buy her, send me a pic of how happy she is in your home.  It would help me know I've made the right decision in letting her go.

Pink Bicycle Mug Rug

Sigh... Love her.
Now, on to things I actually get to keep (even if they're not for me).  Remember last week I posted about the quilts I'm making for my boys beds? Well, I got a few opportunities to work on one of these and it is coming along nicely.  I love the fabrics I picked and so do the boys, so it's a win/win.

I showed Aiden the fabrics and the partially completed quilt so far and he -who is trained so well- says, "Ohhhhh.  It's really great.  I love your quilt making mommy.  It's so nice!"  So, after deflating my head, I told him I was making it for his bed.  He got really excited and then stops and, looking quite serious, says to me, "That's really nice mom, but I'll feel bad if Odin doesn't have one.  I can just share mine with him though!"  Seriously, his kid just melts my whole stinkin' heart! I told him he was super nice for offering to share but I was making them each their own quilt.  He says, "Oh that's so nice of you! I really didn't want to share anyway."  Totally love him.  :)

Without further ado, here is a pic of the quilt I'm working on for the boys beds.  I used this Patchwork Chevron free pattern from the Moda Bakeshop website.  First of all, I just love the pattern and (literally) squealed at the chance to use it. Second, it's free.  Enough said right there.  (Now if only the fabric could be free.  That'd really make me squeal!).

Here's a pic of the fabrics I used.  The pattern calls for 4 charm packs (5" square fabric bundles of 42 fabrics) but I had a layer cake (10" bundle of same fabrics) on hand already and just cut that into fourths to make my 4 charm packs.  I'm going to need more of the fabric since I'm enlarging the pattern some to fit my boys twin beds.  The fabric by the way, is 10 Little Things by Jen Ski, since I know you'll all be curious.  I don't remember where I purchased it from but it can be found in many shops on etsy right now.  I love how the fabric has such bright fun prints mixed in with the construction and owl fabric.  It's so fun!

Here's the completed Nine Patch Block.  (Please excuse my horribly old ironing board cover.  I'm too cheap to buy another one).  This was the easiest part of the pattern.  I managed to get through about half a season of In Plain Sight and a 16 oz. white chocolate mocha frappe while sewing these little babies up.  It also helped that the boys were with Jake's parents all day. I love their Thursdays with Baba and Grampa!

I pressed my seams open on the Nine Patch block.  This is something I really never do but it was worth the extra time since it eliminated so much bulk from the seams being pressed all the same direction.  It looks super pretty super cool too.

Here's the block getting pieced together into rows.  Sorry, it was dark out so the lighting is horrible.   This was done while the boys sat on the couch for some hot cocoa, corn dogs and a movie.  Hey, don't judge! I needed the kitchen table!

And a close-up of some of the fabric prints.  Aren't they so stinkin' adorable? Of course they are! And I have to say, I am so in love with the solid green print I used as the background fabric for this.  It matches these fabrics so perfectly! It's called Leaf Green and is one of the newest solids in Moda's Bella Solids line.  The color really does make me think of spring leaves.

I got this fabric from an etsy seller, Pink Castle Fabrics.  Her shop is great! If you're looking for fresh, fun fabric at affordable prices, you should really check her out!  The shop owner, Brenda, is also really nice and helpful and spent some extra time answering my questions and helping me make sure I got a fabric that would really compliment all these wonderful fabrics.  The shipping was super fast and everything was labeled and packaged so nicely.  I had a wonderful experience shopping there and will be going back for much more of this fabric soon!  (Well, as soon as I can... budgets really put a cramp in my fabric-buying style).  I still need at least 3 yds of it to make boy #2's quilt.

I should note I suppose, that Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics and I don't know each other and she has no idea whatsoever I'm blogging about this and I am not/have not received anything by writing this review.  I simply like to point out the good great things in life and share the wealth with all my other crafty friends.  I also just really love etsy and supporting small businesses, so there you go.  My two cents.  Check her out.  'Cause I said so.  She didn't.

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