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Monday, January 7, 2013

Still in Arizona

Well, we are still in AZ.  The drive down was long but still fun.  The boys always seem to do so well on long drives.  Part of it might be that I always pack plenty of things to keep them busy.  It also might be that we tend to do a lot of the driving through the night so they get to sleep a lot too.

And I know how boring a post without pictures is so I promise I'll get some pictures posted soon.  Tomorrow we are going out to a town called Oatman with my grandparents and Aunt so I'll get some pictures of that.  It's a neat little tourist town.

I hope everyone's week went well! I hope to be home by next week and crafting away again.  I have a few new things I'm wanting to try sewing up so be prepared for some new tutorials in the next few weeks.

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