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Friday, April 27, 2012

So many unfinished projects

How many of you live with unfinished quilts haunting you? Mine pop out of the most random places to haunt and torment me.  Like the other nite, I was inspired suddenly to begin a wonky log cabin quilt with some bright and fun prints and I had a few fun pinks I thought would do nicely in this quilt.  So, I head to the stash in my fabric closet and 2 quilts just waiting to be quilted fall from the top shelf onto my head.  Seriously.  And then, as I'm grabbing the pink I see another quilt that was just waiting for binding (ummm... from months ago) staring at me with a wistful expression.  Yes, quilts can have wistful expressions.  They can also have angry expressions and crazy eyes.  Much like the one dangling from a coat hanger next to me.  Kinda scary.  Needless to say, I grabbed that pink and practically ran from my sewing stash, closing the door firmly behind me.  I don't think I'll be going back in there again until I decide to finish one of those poor little souls.

Anyone else have a regretful amount of UFO's lying about? How do you deal with them? I know I should finish them up before I start another new one but it's just so much fun to start new projects!  Maybe I'll make myself a goal not to start another new quilt until I finish at least 5 of these UFO's hanging around.  Well, after I finish the fun bright log cabin quilt I just started yesterday.  Actually, that's a UFO now.  After all, I did start it already...

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