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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Project List update

So I was looking over my project list for everything I'd like to finish or complete this year... There's a lot on this list... Most of it is not going to get finished (or started).  Having a 10 month old and his two older brothers under foot all day and homeschooling seems to eat into my sewing time a lot. 

With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to update my list.  It's more for me than anything else, but I thought it might be fun to list it here.

I want to list my current UFO's (unfinished objects) on this blog so that I have a list to look back on, add to, remind myself and hopefully keep myself accountable to finishing.  I've separated them all into categories to make it easier to find and account for them.  This list includes both the things I've already begun and never finished and the stuff I want/need to start.

1. Finish HST Christmas Countdown quilt for my bed (Have to wait on this one since we will be getting a King size bed when we move).

2. Get the backing pieced for my AMH Stacks quilt (and then quilt it)

3. Put the binding on the 1974 quilt and list for sale

4. Bind the quilt mom made for me and I quilted

5. Finish piecing Jake's Star Trek quilt 


1. Make taggie blankie for Ronan

2. Quilt and bind the 1/2 dozen baby quilt tops just hanging in my closet. (I did get them all quilted but haven't had time to bind yet).

3. Attempt to make some fabric blocks with scraps.  The small child will love them.

4. Make pillowcases for the boys in the new Super Hero theme (After talking with husband we decided to wait until we move into the new house to do any decorating for their room).

5. Make sheets for R's crib (While I still want to do this, we found a set at IKEA for cheap so this will probably never happen now and I'm okay with that).

6. Make bumper pads for R's crib


1. Quilt and bind the stack of patchwork mug rugs just sitting on a shelf, waiting to be finished. (Yay! I did it!).
2. Make a lot (read tons) of reusable unpaper towels.  Some for me, some for mom.  Probably some for friends.  Maybe even some for the shop.  

3. Make several sets of napkins for Christmas gifts in 2014

4. Make I Spy placemats for the boys lunchtime  Decided to wait until we move and make a matching scrappy set for everyone).

5. Put the binding on A and O's doggie mug rugs

6. Finish piecing the Christmas pillow covers (and then shove into a bin until 2014) (This is crossed off because I have no earthly idea where these pillow covers went to).

7. Make autumn pillow covers

8. Make the Thanksgiving pillow cover with the fabric I bought just for that purpose

9. Make scrappy patchwork square place mats for family ("i spy" style)  (After we move).

10. reusable nursing pads (my current ones put the disappearing socks to shame) (No longer nursing).

11. Scrappy dish towels (at least some for me.  some for others would be awesome too).


1. Flannel receiving blankets

2. Reusable wipes

3. burp cloth sets

4. Taggie blankets

5. knit monsters, birds and animals

6. Stroller quilts

7. reusable nursing pads


1. Monster Chunks (some for friends baby gifts and some for the shop)

2. Little Birdies (friends and shop)

3. Knit City Shawl for myself

4. Creme Brûlée sweater for R (I tried. The pattern doesn't like me).

5. New mittens for O

6. Mittens for myself

7. Mittens for Dad

8. New sweaters for A and O (Finished Odin's sweater.  Not sure I'll make one for Aiden.  He said the last one was too scratchy).

9. Neck warmer for my Love

10. Baby blanket for Nephew who's coming soon!  Finished!

11. knit toy balls for R and Nephew

12. knit Christmas light strands for next year

13. knit Christmas bulbs for tree and for next years gifts

14. Knit mini pine trees for next years decor

15. Knit mini pumpkins and acorns for fall decor

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