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Friday, June 15, 2012

Back from Vacation and ready for a Nap

Well, we made it back safe and sound from our road trip to California.  The boys were so good on the long drive.  Really truly great.  Which made for a pretty wonderful adventure for us all.  We visited with my brother and his wife and got to see his graduation from Seminary.  I am so very proud of him.  He found his passion and stuck with it, even though I know it wasn't always very easy for him (or the rest of us)!

We had such a wonderful visit with them both, though it was much too short as the boys let me know when we made it home.  We took advantage of our road trip and Jake's time off from work and took our time coming home.  We had an overnite stay in Yosemite National Park.  It was so busy and late when we made it there we ended up sleeping in the car.  Not the most comfortable nite sleep for sure, but it was a memorable part of the trip.  When we woke up, I looked out my window and there were almost a dozen white tail deer in the woods next to us.  We all watched them very quietly for awhile until they bounded off into the forest.  We also saw a black bear, some elk, and lots more deer.  Then we camped in the Redwood National State Park the next nite.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed camping.  Though they did say they wished it came with a swimming pool like the hotels did.  :)

We started home the next afternoon and decided to stay one more nite in a hotel on the Oregon coast.  The boys were quite excited about one more nite of swimming pools and Jake and I were very excited about a nice warm and soft bed to sleep in.

I have to say though, as much fun as the whole trip was, and as great as the boys behaved, I am so glad to be home! It was wonderful snuggling up into my own bed last nite.  We all slept in late this morning.  The  boys slept until 8:30! They have never slept past 7:30 in their entire lives so this was a nice little treat for me and Jake this morning.

Oh, and speaking of my husband... He got quite a promotion at work! :)  I'm very proud of him.  He works so hard and does so much for us and he really deserves this.  He leaves soon to go up for training and then starts working in a new office and not outside in the cold Arctic anymore.

I think maybe next week I'll try to have some pictures posted of our trip.  We're all still readjusting to being home still.  And I'm going to go take a nap...

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